When It Comes to Dating, Unleash Your Inner Child!

11/29/2010 05:40 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

I woke up this morning, as I do every day, to the sound of the ocean. Daphne and I hit the beach, and I waited as she did her business. For those of you who are new to my writings, Daphne is my eight-year-old Black Lab. I know that if I did not explain that visual, some of you may have thought that I walk my child on the beach in the morning to do her business. And since today we will be talking about your inner child, I thought this would be the perfect introduction.

So after my Daphne walk, I went back upstairs into my office and opened an e-mail to find this quotation from Seth Godin, who writes some of the best books on marketing:

Childlike makes a great scientist.

Childish produces tantrums.

Childlike brings fresh eyes to marketing opportunities.

Childish rarely shows up as promised.

Childlike is fearless and powerful and willing to fail.

Childish is annoying.

Childlike inquires with a pure heart.

Childish is merely ignored.

This quote got me thinking. How many of you are childlike when it comes to dating and meeting the opposite sex? How many of you are childish when it comes to dating and meeting the opposite sex?

Reread Seth Godin's words, and this time I want you to think about your life and how you act when it comes to dating. Do you have a temper tantrum in your head when things don't work out? Do you work on yourself every day and have a childlike enthusiasm about meeting people? Do you have a hissy fit when your approach does not go as planned? Do you have a childish meltdown when the person does not call you back?

Read the words and realize that when it comes to dating and meeting the opposite sex, you must be more childlike!