Al Gore's Washington Homecoming

10/01/2013 12:48 pm ET | Updated Dec 01, 2013

Al Gore looks fabulous! He's tan -- the ozone factor suits him. He's dressed to make us feel comfortable, even though his made-to-measure look must cost more than a Nissan Leaf. Al is downright sexy.

This past weekend was the 25th anniversary of Al Gore's run for the presidency back when he sought the nomination in 1988. Then, he was the fresh senator from Tennessee, still dancing the two-step in his kitchen with Jello Biafra's nemesis Tipper. Everyone is here at John Jamison's beyond gorgeous home on Capitol Hill, which feels more like Savannah than D.C. Is that really Spanish moss?

The texture of this swell Democratic crowd is pleasantly what you'd expect. There's a two-year-old toddler weaving through legs, goosing peeps in all the fun places. The Folsom family -- an Alabama political dynasty -- holds court in the sunroom. Some A-gays (handsome as ever) are on the terrace chatting with Eleanor Clift. An elegant-looking grandmother from NC steals a moment to smoke a cigarette under a moon vine in night bloom. It's old magnolia south, but with an updated passport.

Most famous people don't know how everybody looks before they walk into a room. Jane Fonda or Oprah walk in to a Georgetown dinner party and everyone has perfect posture. Al's star is still rising. When he walks in, everyone stands a little taller, and tucks it in -- looking a little thinner.

Clearly, the biggest purses south of the Mason-Dixon want Al to throw his hat in for 2016, and we are celebrating the guy that could have/would have steered this country boldly where no man has gone before.

Al preaches to the choir, but his gospel resonates. I can't help getting angry at Justice O'Connor, now saying she regrets her decision that changed the course of our world. Al is certainly in better shape than Hilary right now, and I bet he could make it. Problem is: Washington treated him so badly. If we ever actually asked the man to dance again, would he?