04/06/2006 09:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Found Object: Be Rather Afraid of Katie Couric

You know those little boxes they put on Yahoo with ostensibly funnily-related searches? Like, "The new Sharon Stone movie is out, so people are searching for..." and the popular searches will be plastic surgery disasters, famous nipples, gynecology, and bomb-making recipes.

Here's one from today where the topic is apparently "Most violent gangs." Number Two tells me CBS is in some deep number two. (I thought "Mara Salvatrucha" was some kind of TV bimbo. But I agree that Number Four, "one-eyed kitten," is a menace.)

Be Rather Afraid of Katie Couric

(With apologies to blog-neighbour Harry for borrowing the whole "found object" framework.)