GOP Doubles Down on Failed McCain Strategy

03/19/2009 03:32 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Over the last week, the GOP public relations strategy has been flinging accusations at Obama for doing too much and taking on too many issues. At first, I thought it one of the funniest things I've heard from a political party. Then, the idea gained traction in the media. Every time I hear this nonsense, I think to myself, doesn't anyone remember the campaign? Obama's ability to walk and eat a pretzel chew gum was one of the primary reasons he beat Senator John "I-Brake-For-Crises" McCain.

This Type A, super-multitasking president is exactly what the American people ordered on November 4. In September when then presidential candidate John McCain suspended his campaign to focus on "fixing the economy," the public was overwhelmingly unimpressed (or impressively underwhelmed). McCain became the subject of ridicule even within his own party because of his inability to focus on, well, anything. (No, that is not a shot at his age, it is a shot at his ability to lead and govern).

Obama suddenly soared in the polls because the American people believe that Obama, not McCain, could handle myriad critical issues that must be tackled simultaneously by an American president. Since the McCain campaign suspension last fall, Obama has said repeatedly that the problems our nation faces are "too big too ignore" and that the biggest issues are intertwined. We can't solve any of the important issues, he says, without looking at the big picture. It was the juxtaposition of Obama's can-do attitude with McCain's inability to handle multiple issues at once that catapulted Obama into the White House.

On Obama's most focal domestic agenda items, he is doing quite well. According to CNN, 59 percent approve of the way the president is handling the economy, 57 percent approve of Obama's health care agenda, 63 percent approve of his energy policy, and 65 percent approve of his proposed education reforms.

He is also doing quite well on foreign policy. According to the same CNN poll, 66 percent approve of Obama's overall performance on foreign affairs, 63 percent approve of his performance on Iraq, 67 percent on Afghanistan, and 61 percent on terrorism.

This is not a president who needs to suspend one agenda to focus on another. With these outstanding performance ratings from the American people, this doing-to-much meme sounds more like sour grapes than legitimate concern.

Obama's answer to his critics? "We don't have the luxury of choosing."

My advice to the GOP? Visit the Urban Dictionary and look up concern troll.