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Howard Fineman

Hey Media Snarks: Sorkin Has a Point

Howard Fineman | Posted July 1, 2012

WASHINGTON -- To all of you media snarks out there trashing Aaron Sorkin for his HBO show The Newsroom I say: take no comfort from the fact that the show sucks. His point about our business -- that it needs to remember, revere and renew its commitment to its ideals...

Martin Garbus

Dangerous, Not Foolish: The Citizens United Case

Martin Garbus | Posted June 26, 2012

On Monday the Supreme Court reaffirmed the Citizens United Case. When I look at the Supreme Court's words and thoughts in the Citizens United Case, I think of other statements from the past, made by prominent figures, regarding controversial issues.

  • "Everything that can be invented has been...

Erwin de Leon

Landmark Gathering of Filipino-American Leaders in D.C.

Erwin de Leon | Posted June 26, 2012

Filipino-American leaders from across the country convened for a series of meetings in Washington, D.C. Friday.

The landmark gathering began with the first-ever White House briefing for the Filipino-American community. Participants heard from goverment officials about what the Obama administration has accomplished on issues of importance to...

Thom Hartmann

Watergate: The Hidden History and the 2012 Elections

Thom Hartmann | Posted June 26, 2012

Finally, we have answers to the most important remaining questions about Watergate: What were the burglars after and why Nixon was willing to risk his presidency to get it? Watergate: The Hidden History: Nixon, The Mafia, and The CIA by Lamar Waldron lays it all out in extraordinary detail.

Zoe P. Strassfield

Standing in the Rainbow (And 9 Other Reasons the Smithsonian Makes Me Smile)

Zoe P. Strassfield | Posted June 26, 2012

This week's been a bit hectic for me, but that made having today off for museum-going all the sweeter. My father requested something happy to read for Fathers' Day, so I came up with the idea of making a list of 10 things at the Smithsonian Institution's various museums and...

Kevin P. Chavous

Looking Forward: The Charter School Challenge

Kevin P. Chavous | Posted June 26, 2012

Early in my professional career while working as a jury trial lawyer I tried many cases in D.C. Federal court. As fate would have it, the late judge Harold Greene who was presiding over one of my many trials was also working with a host of lawyers on the consent...

Ben Tribbett

Citizens United Goes Local

Ben Tribbett | Posted June 26, 2012

Yesterday in a monumental decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the Citizens United decision also applied to state and local elections. Now elections for governors, state legislators, mayors and local officials will all be forced to allow unlimited corporate money to be spent influencing their outcome.

This decision...

Billy Shore

Invisible Issues of the 2012 Campaign

Billy Shore | Posted June 26, 2012

The 2012 presidential campaign is gathering force and with it a sense of the issues that will dominate the national conversation in the months ahead. With unprecedented amounts of money flooding into the campaigns -- thanks in part (but only in part) to super PACs -- both the campaigns and...