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Trymaine Lee


Voter ID Laws Countered In Congress With New Legislation   |  Trymaine Lee   |   September 18, 2012

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Fourteen members of Congress have co-sponsored a bill that would override a recent spate of voter identification laws, passed in more than a dozen states...

East Coast Tornado Watches From New York To The Carolinas

  |   September 18, 2012

By Douglas Main, OurAmazingPlanet Staff Writer: Parts of the East Coast have experienced strong storms today and other parts of it are in for more...

H Street Festival Was Summer's Last Stand (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post   |   September 18, 2012

WASHINGTON -- Saturday's H Street Festival may have been summer's last stand. The annual street festival attracted people from across the city and surrounding area...

Marion Barry Slams Romney 47 Percent Comments In Twitter Screed

  |   September 19, 2012

WASHINGTON -- Former District of Columbia Mayor Marion Barry (D) is no stranger to controversial comments. And for better or worse, Twitter has given the...

Barack Obama Leads Mitt Romney In Virginia: Poll

  |   September 18, 2012

President Barack Obama holds an 8-point lead over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney among likely Virginia voters, leading 52 percent to 44 percent according to...

Clint Eastwood On RNC Speech: 'An Oddball Thing,' 'If Someone's Dumb Enough To Ask Me...'

The Huffington Post   |  Kia Makarechi   |   September 19, 2012

Though his performance at the Republican National Convention has been widely panned by critics and pundits, Clint Eastwood's post-speech interviews have been refreshingly candid and...
Maggie Furlong


'Homeland' Star Damian Lewis Talks Brody's Season 2 Struggle, The Emmys And More   |  Maggie Furlong   |   September 18, 2012

"Homeland" was the breakout hit of last season, and for good reason. With a thrill-ride first season full of huge cliffhangers, high stakes and Emmy-worthy...

Michael Ward II, Navy Sub Commander, Faked Death To End Affair With Mistress

AP   |  MICHAEL MELIA   |   September 19, 2012

HARTFORD, Conn. -- A Navy officer who was dismissed last month as commander of a Connecticut-based nuclear submarine faked his own death to end an...
Michael McAuliff


Indefinite Detention Ban Stayed By Appeals Judge In NDAA Case   |  Michael McAuliff   |   September 18, 2012

WASHINGTON -- A federal appeals judge gave the Obama administration the OK to keep enforcing its indefinite detention policy Tuesday, issuing a temporary stay of...

Big K.R.I.T. At Howard Theatre: HuffPost DC Top 5 For September 18

The Huffington Post   |  Brandon Wetherbee   |   September 18, 2012

TOP 5 FOR TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 1. Big K.R.I.T. At Howard Theatre The next time K.R.I.T. will be in D.C. it will be at a...

Panda Cam Shows Mei Xiang Cradling Panda Cub (PHOTOS)

  |   September 19, 2012

WASHINGTON -- See that little speck of white that mama panda Mei Xiang is cradling under her chin? That's her brand new baby! (Yeah, the...
Lucas Kavner


Instagram: Photography's Antichrist, Savior, Or Something In Between?   |  Lucas Kavner   |   September 18, 2012

Like most people, Emily Reid started using Instagram on a lark. She'd taken a picture of the view from her friends' rooftop, decided it looked...

Dad Accused Of Taking Nude Photos Of Exchange Student   |   September 18, 2012

Police are investigating an Arlington man accused of surreptitiously taking nude photos and video of the female foreign exchange student his family was hosting. According...

Bobcat Tractor Stolen From Potomac Yard

Patch   |   September 18, 2012

A piece of construction equipment worth an estimated $50,000 was reported stolen on Sept. 10 from the Potomac Yard development, according to the Alexandria Police...

Smith Point Severed Finger Lawsuit Dates To 2011 Door Incident

  |   September 18, 2012

WASHINGTON -- A Georgetown bar made famous by the Bush twins now has a nasty lawsuit on its hands over a severed finger. A patron,...

Strong Storms Pushing Into D.C., Tornado Watch, Warning Issued (UPDATED)

  |   September 18, 2012

WASHINGTON -- A "strong surge of southern soupiness," as Capital Weather Gang describes it, pushed up from the Gulf of Mexico and collided with a...

HuffPost Live: Strike Enters Week Two With Guest Adrian Fenty

HuffPost Live   |   September 18, 2012

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the teachers strike is illegal, and he sued. As the Chicago teacher strikes enters week two, are both sides using the...
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