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James Goldgeier
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James M. Goldgeier is the Dean of the School of International
Service at American University. His research focuses on contemporary
international relations, American foreign policy, U.S.-Russia
relations, the European Union and NATO.

Goldgeier’s books include: America Between the Wars: From 11/9 to 9/11(co-authored with Derek Chollet), Power and Purpose: U.S. Policy
toward Russia after the Cold War (co-authored with Michael McFaul);
and Not Whether But When: The U.S. Decision to Enlarge NATO.

Alongside collaborators at Duke University and the University of
California, Berkeley, Goldgeier leads the Bridging the Gap initiative,
which encourages and trains scholars to produce research that is
relevant to the policymaking communities.

Prior to joining American University, Goldgeier was a professor of
political science and international affairs at George Washington
University. He taught previously at Cornell University, and has held
appointments at Stanford University’s Center for International
Security and Cooperation, the State Department, the National Security
Council staff, the Brookings Institution, the Council on Foreign
Relations, the Library of Congress, the Woodrow Wilson Center, the
Hoover Institution, and the German Marshall Fund’s Transatlantic

Entries by James Goldgeier

Online Education, With Great Investment, Can Provide Extraordinary Opportunities for Students and Faculty

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Co-authored by David Bosco

In recent months, news has emerged from universities around the country indicating that a significant level of skepticism remains about online education. Some university faculty doubt that online education offers meaningful student-teacher interaction, and argue that online courses are inferior to face-to-face learning. Still others broadly...

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The Value of Service

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Last week's announcement of the top volunteer-producing colleges and universities for Peace Corps service reminded us that idealism is alive and well among the next generation of adults. A diverse group of young (and increasingly not-so-young) people from across the United States still seeks to make a difference in far-flung...

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The Rebalancing to Asia: The Role of Student Exchanges

(2) Comments | Posted February 4, 2013 | 3:03 PM

"We want to see Chinese youngsters here, American youngsters in China, and we want to see them breaking down the barriers that exist between any peoples from different cultures and experiences and histories and backgrounds. And I think that will happen because in ways that were unimaginable just a few...
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