It Came From Journalism School: AP Describes Vanishing Marine Life as "Seafood"

05/25/2011 12:00 pm ET

Populations of living things all over the world are collapsing fast. Humans too in some countries, but not quickly enough to prevent the obliteration of everything that lives in the sea. According to a new study, by the year 2048, all species of ocean life, including fish, birds, plants, micro-organisms, clams, oysters, and anything else in shells, will have reached the point of no return if current trends aren't reversed. The first trend to reverse would be for wire service reporters to put down the clamato juice, step away from the lobster fest, and understand that marine life should not be described as "seafood." Who's running AP these days - Arthur Treacher? And who's writing headlines at the NY Times - Mrs. Paul? No wonder oceans are dying - the media thinks the only thing that lives there is dinner.