01/13/2011 10:47 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Anti-Whaling Group Launches Innovative iPhone App

Just when you thought that the fight to save whales couldn't get any more mainstream, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society announced the successful launch of their new iPhone and iPad App earlier this week.

Founded in 1977, the high profile and often controversial non profit marine conservation organization remains steadfast in its direct action mission to protect endangered marine wildlife and habitats across the planet. Now you can join 'Neptune's Navy' as they continue to confront illegal poachers on the high seas in their relentless efforts to end illegal whaling and other critical issues facing the world's oceans today.

The new iPhone application gives a positive new meaning to the term "armchair activist," offering users the opportunity to take part in Sea Shepherd's hi-stakes campaigns from any iPhone mobile device. Delivering international breaking news and updates, the application allows supporters to stay informed and up to date about the organization's activities, including their current Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, Operation No Compromise to be featured later this year on Animal Planet's hit television series Whale Wars.

According to Sea Shepherd founder and lifelong champion of marine conservation, Paul Watson:

"Technology continues to change the way the world receives information and breaking news. I'm grateful that we are one of the first non-profit conservation organizations to leverage this technology and send updates to our supporters [via iPhones] with the click of a button. Sea Shepherd is ready for this year's campaign with the goal of financially 'sinking' Japan's illegal whaling operations. This new tool will allow iPhone users to do their part by staying informed, sharing updates to improve awareness and raise funds, and help ensure our success to end this barbaric slaughter."

Features Include:

• International breaking news from Sea Shepherd campaigns
• In-depth commentaries on conservation issues from Captain Watson and others
• E-store offering the latest eco-friendly Sea Shepherd apparel, accessories, and gifts
• Calendar of Sea Shepherd events from around the world
• Access to Sea Shepherd's social network including Facebook and Twitter
• Ability to donate to help keep their vessels and projects active
• Photo gallery featuring vessels, crew, and high seas action
• YouTube channel highlighting the latest Sea Shepherd footage shot around the world

One of the first in its class, this effective social media activist application is available for free download at the iTunes App store.