Ask Deepak: Is There A Spiritual Side to Grief?

05/25/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

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Is There A Spiritual Side to Grief?

Q: I just turned 63 years old last week. I live alone with two dogs and one cat in sort-of rural Montana. My son and only child died on September 19, 2002, from injuries sustained in a rollover accident. He was 23 years old and my shining star, my best friend, and he had a dream of becoming a flight nurse (pre-hospital care). He worked in the emergency room of the hospital that he died in.

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Can You Trust a Cheating Husband?

Q: I have been married for almost two years, but in a relationship with the man for nearly six years. Together we're raising three teenage children. My problem is very complex. My husband cheated on me prior to our marriage with the mother of his youngest child (who is not one of the children we are raising together).

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What's the Difference Between My Ego and Myself?
Q: Dear Mr. Chopra, in your esteemed opinion, would it be accurate to say that as there is "one ego projecting as many," I am all that exists (from as far as I am concerned or anything that concerns me), and all others I see and interact with are just aspects of myself (denied and embraced) that I am projecting outward and interacting with by choice?
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What's the Difference Between Enlightenment and Happiness?
Q: Are enlightenment and happiness the same?

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How to Help Your Partner Cope with Trauma

Q: Hi, I am dating a Chilean who just survived the earthquake and tsunami. I was supposed to be moving there in December 2010 to start a new life with him, but now obviously things are postponed. I fear he is suffering some kind of post-traumatic shock.

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Take Control of Your Emotions
Q: Every time I think I'm finally on the road to spiritual enlightenment and have life figured out (I'm 57 years old), my damned emotions set me back again! I continue to get offended, angered, worried, full of regret, frustrated, panicked, etc. How do I get ahold of these overpowering emotions?

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