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Spiritual Solutions #5: What Is it to Be Alive?

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By Deepak Chopra and Annie Bond

Surrender to Be Alive
You can be alive as you want to be through a process known as surrender. This is the next step in conquering death. Surrender is the act of erasing the line between life and death entirely. Surrender is...
Full attention
Appreciation of life's richness
Opening yourself to what is in front of you
Absence of ego
Being receptive to all possibilities
Allowing love
-- Adapted from The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra
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Coming Home?
I was away for a week at the ocean, and when I returned to the driveway of my rural home my senses were alive in a way that was noticeably different from when I left. I was drawn to the mottled green light under the forest canopy. I connected to it, felt it and sensed the peace there. That night I noticed the sound of the wind in the trees. I now hear the crickets, those amazing insects who chirp the perfect fifth together, what Lau Tzu referred to as the perfect balance of yin and yang, and universal harmony. I hear the sound of my feet on the dirt driveway.

In the face of work and information overload, how long will this sense of connection, of being one with my surroundings, last? How long do I have before the line between my mind and my surroundings hardens?

By Annie Bond, author of Home Enlightenment

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