07/12/2005 03:59 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Ecstatic Dance

I just arrived in Santiago, Chile a few hours ago. I am looking out of my window at the Andes Mountains engulfed in mystical clouds. Way off in the distance I can even see a snow capped peak. As I was flying down south from Atlanta and looking at the map, a 10 hours flight, I realized that even though I was going be on the Pacific side of the South American continent, I was going to be in the same time zone as New York. Chile is a long pencil-like country and Santiago is almost the same longitude as New York.

It occurred to me that even though I was arriving here in the middle of winter (it was cold and windy when I landed) that I wouldn’t be experiencing any jet lag. Jet lag as you know is the disruption of circadian rhythms which is the biological rhythm that occurs in us as a result of the 24 rotation of the earth on its own axis. We have other rhythms in our body. There is the seasonal rhythm that occurs as the earth goes around the sun. (This was certainty going to be affected.) There is a lunar rhythm, a 28 day cycle that occurs as a result of the movement of the earth, sun, and moon in relationship to each other (the human menstrual cycle is a lunar rhythm, but there are others). We also have a tidal rhythm that occurs as a result of the gravitational effect of the sun, moon and all the stars in the distant galaxies on the oceans of our planet. But we also have an ocean within us as 60% of our body is water and once upon an evolutionary time when we stepped out of the ocean we brought a lot of it along as our body fluids. Randomly, I remembered something from Shakespeare, “There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” Our bodies are literally a symphony of the stars. When our bodies are totally in sync with this symphony everything is effortless, spontaneous, and the exuberance and abundance of the universe flows through us in joyful ecstasy. There is a poem of Tagore where he says, “where is the fountain that throws out these flowers in ceaseless ecstasy!” Since the earth is Gaia, a living organism she and her children, all life forms and sentient beings, are part of the ecstatic dance. Flowers bloom in spring, the ground hog comes out of the earth, fish return to their spawning grounds, birds migrate, the mating rituals begin, young and old hearts fall in love and people are moved to write poetry. All this is a non local single correlation of the One consciousness at the heart of creation. A Haiku poem says, “Autumn leaves, snow in winter, summer breezes, spring flowers. If you are fully awake this is the best season in your life.”

Ecstatically yours --- Deepak