04/03/2013 04:53 pm ET Updated Jun 03, 2013

A Gun In Every Home? Residents of Nelson, Georgia Debate New Law Mandating Forced Ownership of Firearms

City council members in Nelson, Georgia, voted unanimously to require heads of households to own guns and ammunition on Monday. The so-called Family Protection Ordinance requires a gun in every home in order to "provide for the emergency management of the city" and "protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants."

The ordinance has sparked national media attention -- and a local debate. Democracy Now! hosts a debate with two Nelson residents: Jackie Jarrett, a member of the Nelson City Council who voted in favor of the gun requirement, and Lamar Kellett, former chair of the Nelson planning commission, who opposes it.

"[Would you] rather rob somebody in New York where they got strict gun laws and you can't own one, and if you do you just got three shells for it? Or do you want to come to Nelson and try to rob somebody because they've got a weapon on the other side of that door?" Jarrett asks. But Kellett disagrees. "The Second Amendment gives you the right to bear arms, and I feel like an individual certainly has the right to not bear arms," he says.

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