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Denene Millner
New York Times best-selling author Denene Millner is an award-winning journalist whose work spans the entertainment, parenting and book publishing industries. She is the author or co-author of 19 books, including Steve Harvey's Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and Miss You, Mina, the first in the wildly popular Scholastic Candy Apple book series for tweens to feature an African American lead character. Millner also is an advice columnist and contributing editor for Parenting, founder and editor of, a critically acclaimed blog that examines parenting and motherhood through the multi-cultural experience, and a frequent contributor for Essence. She also has written for Health, Heart & Soul, Money, and Ebony, and Jet magazines, among others, and has given expert parenting and relationship advice on The Today Show, The Nate Berkus Show, HLN, CNN, and the Rachel Ray show.

In keeping with her dedication to books written for, by and about African Americans, Millner recently partnered with and helped launch, the most comprehensive black bookstore online. In addition to offering for purchase the biggest selection of black books on the web, North Paran donates one book to a child in need for every book sold -- a testament to Millner’s commitment to increase literacy among children of color.

The former political reporter and entertainment journalist lives in the Atlanta area with her husband and their two daughters and son.

Denene can be reached at

Blog Entries by Denene Millner

Beyonce's First Time Out With Blue Ivy: Remembering the Newborn-In-Public Jitters

Posted February 29, 2012 | 02/29/12 01:00 PM ET

I can't explain why, but pictures of Beyonce and Jay-Z taking their 7-week-old, Blue Ivy Carter, out on a lunchtime stroll in New York City for the first time this past weekend dug up all kinds of crazy memories of me hoarding my then-newborn, Mari, in our apartment -- too...

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Finding True Love On Valentine's Day

1 Comments | Posted February 16, 2012 | 02/16/12 11:00 AM ET

This is the way it seemed to always work: A few weeks before Valentine's Day, whatever loser I was dating at the time would break up with the kid. For just the most random of reasons.

I feel like we need to slow down and be friends.

You're a great...

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Birthing While Black: An Experience I'll Never Forget

720 Comments | Posted January 30, 2012 | 01/30/12 01:41 PM ET

There are a ton of things I'll never forget about the first time I gave birth -- showing up with a Donny Hathaway CD in one hand, a beautiful "going home" dress and blanket handpicked special for my daughter in the other, being scared to death of the epidural needle...

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Cry It Out: The Method That Kills Baby Brain Cells

Posted December 22, 2011 | 12/22/11 11:07 AM ET

I know. A dramatic headline. Made you look. But it's not fiction. It turns out that the "Cry It Out" method of baby sleep training, where you ignore that your kid is screaming, crying and turning 40 shades of purple so that she can break herself out of the habit...

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Hair Touching

Posted August 5, 2011 | 08/05/11 11:22 AM ET

She was in her early 30s when she passed away from complications associated with diabetes and we were all in deep mourning as we sat in her mother's living room, waiting for the limousine that would ride us to her farewell. Memories were exchanged. There were tears, of course. And...

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