02/15/2012 11:30 am ET | Updated Apr 16, 2012

Will Authentic Inspiration Finally Find Its Way to the Air Waves?: Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment Rocks the House

"It's alright. There's no liars tonight. Take a breath of truth. See the skies as they're meant to be seen. It's just me and you."
-Lyrics by performer singer-songwriter, Eric Lumiere (song "Glow")

I am still reeling. The star-studded evening event of GATE 2 took place with celebrities, top authors and new philosophers, entertainers, researchers and psychologists, cultural creatives all together in one place, one time. In the evening, there were at least three or four locations around the lobby for interviews by media. People lined up around the street after the event had already started, until Wendy Newman, the executive director, said, "Let's find a way to get everyone in!" The place was hopping.

My actress friend warned me that people may not want to sit as long as 6:30 pm to 11 pm, but when it was almost 2 am and over, there was still a full house, with hardly an empty seat. They proved us wrong.

To me it was an Academy Awards of Consciousness, without the awards, without the over-the-top glitz, instead with authenticity, exemplary wisdom, crazy humor, an outrageously creative assortment of music, a temple of approximately 2,000 with the focus on uplifting the entertainment that we and our children are fed, to make this world a better place.

Having consciousness, being conscious, is about looking in the face of reality of who we are, at what is happening to our world, our children of all countries, our families, and finding a way to move people, to go to the goodness that we all have, to expand the vision, instead of contract. We, then, exercise a greater choice in place of exploiting violence and tragedy for the sake only of exploitation.

Marta M. Mobley, Producer, showed us a clip of her film, Amish Grace and baited us. I waited, concerned about what she may show on the screen, the story of the massacre in an Amish schoolhouse. She was demonstrating that the producer and director instead chose to not show the massacre, but alternatively imply it in the film. It was immensely effective by creating a haunting scene that kept the audience thinking. The choice, as we all always have, did not support and exemplify violence, and did not diminish the purpose of the film, but taught its lesson.

Louie Schwartzberg presented film clips of his "Circle of Life," some of the most exquisite footage of film photography, documenting the miracles of mushrooms and plants slowly emerging in a dance of beauty and "capturing breathtaking images that celebrate life."

Kenji Williams blew us away with his live violin alongside pictures of Bella Gaia, "a poetic vision of earth from space," a view so deserving of honor and respect, and an acknowledgment that it is indeed a miracle that we do live on a circular planet, floating in the sky among millions of galaxies.

Feeding our children beautiful images, exquisite music, arts and films, instead of serving media meals of repeated fear and anxiety, would only promote people interacting better with each other, reaching for higher goals, and breaking through the limitations and fears they set on themselves.

From Edward James Olmos to Gary Zukav, Don Miguel Ruiz to Jean Houston, to Marianne Williamson, to Eckhart Tolle to Jim Carrey. From musicians known like Paul Horn and Ben Lee, to talented Jane Carrey and her fellow singer-songwriter, George Krikes of "Vine Divine," to the Funkamentalz, facilitating a joyous engagement of the audience in singing positive "rap" to Eric Lumiere and band, soulful singer songwriter, and Lili Hayden, the most outrageous talented rockin' violinist ever, stealing the entire stage and audience into ecstatic expression through amazing ability. From researchers, Paul Ray Ph.D., Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. and Molly Trimble to renowned, filmmaker/photographer Norman Seeff who spoke about "The Power and Passion to Create."

The researchers, told us the numbers... Wake up, America. Wake up, networks. Wake up, film industry. There IS A BIG ENOUGH AUDIENCE to make plenty of money. These cultural creatives are the ones changing the channel, avoiding low quality entertainment while selecting more positive, focused, meaningful entertainment and learning experiences. AND there are many more people leaning towards the cultural creatives, transitioning from the old school to joining with those who demand more from our media than what we are often being fed.

Humor was spread all throughout the night, because what is a great view of life, and what is uplifting entertainment, without the wisdom brought through humor, with Louie Anderson, Kyle Cease, a newer, amazing talent and then, Jim Carrey to top it off. Jim demonstrated Eckhart's "power of being in the now," with a faceplant in a pot of flowers on the stage, still speaking. All of these entertainers were hilarious, moved my laughter to tears, spread pure joy and an atmosphere of coming together throughout a room of many, many different types of people. Wisdom came through Jim as he spoke of his conscious effort to mirror that which is the opposite of the normal, awakening the audience to self-acceptance, who could only laugh at this expression of pure, unadulterated human impropriety.

I am still inspired, still thinking and feeling about this, still reveling in the evening where many people were focused on making this world a better place, not by anger or "againstness," but through intelligence, uplifting, humorous entertainment and awareness. Am I alone, or don't we all have a sense that there is good to be found? Isn't it too often, that we place a fog in front of the ideal nature that drives us and our human counterparts to connect, uplift, to help each other, to be kind, to cooperate, to collaborate and to bring forward the greater vision? When two or more are gathered, what can be manifested is more opportunity, possibility, and expansion.

Just maybe the evening created a big sigh of relief. There is hope! It's not all in the hands of doom and gloom. Maybe it's in the hands of Viktor Frankel. "Challenging the meaning of life is the truest expression of the state of being human." and "When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves." When we do it together, it is greater than the sum of the parts. The evening of GATE 2 from Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment, was much bigger than the sum of its parts. It's still moving, it's in process, it's alive.

The Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment is led by John Raatz, the founder, the chairman of the board, as he is the inspiration behind this endeavor, along with Eckhart Tolle and Jim Carrey, honorary founders who are prime movers in this organization and supported by Wendy Newman, Executive Director. Networks, channels, newspapers, magazines, journals, schools, artists, musicians, writers: Why can't we step forward, hold the vision to create and present greater programming, and pay attention to this truly plentiful audience who is ready to experience and communicate the truth, the awe and the inspiration? It's been demonstrated, it's in abundance, there's plenty of it. Show me the way. It's time.