10/22/2010 02:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Florence Henderson

I was not surprised when Florence Henderson was released from Dancing With The Stars. The mature woman never makes it to the end of this ABC hit show. Do I think it's rigged? Maybe, and as a veteran of television production crews I can tell you this; a television show's producers' will do anything to work the ratings. Anything. Television is not known for its integrity, it's all about money. Or as the industry would say, "It's all about the entertainment value."

Perhaps the folks who vote are youth obsessed half-wits. Not the biggest stretch. That's okay, they'll grow old. No avoiding it. They'll get theirs.

I actually know Florence Henderson. I have had the great pleasure of working with her several times over the years here in LA. Let me tell you, she's talented, funny and wise. And with all that grace -- she's also sexy.

Don't anyone tell me that she's not. She's still got the goods.

On Good Morning America, Florence made light of her show end and was mocking herself, saying, "Yeah, I'm bringing sexy back." It killed me for a moment because even though she IS sexy, our culture won't let older women feel sexy, or really even hint at or admit to being sexy, much less, God forbid, act sexy!

I wonder why our culture is afraid to think or talk about the mature vagina? Old penis? No problem, science can give them a four hour erection! It's okay to try and be a sexy old man, but not a woman. Not in Hollywood, not in America.
We have not come very far.

I was just in Spain for two weeks and under a starlit night, eating Paella and flirting with the most handsome younger man, who was flirting back, I realized that it's never too late to be sexy. In a foreign country, with a gorgeous foreigner, I didn't need whiter teeth or perkier breasts or injected lips. I could just be me. My 60 years of life made me sexy.

I've decided I'm going to be bringing sexy back for me. I only wish I could dance like Florence Henderson.

Denise Vivaldo is the author of 7 cookbooks but has decided that if she is ever single again, she is abandoning her career and moving to Spain.