1,501 Good Reasons To End the Afghanistan War

According to the website, which tracks U.S. troop deaths and injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan, the number of troops killed in connection with the Afghanistan war now exceeds 1,500.

Here are the names of the U.S. troops that have been killed since the death of Osama bin Laden:

  • Kirton, Brandon M.
  • Pressley, Cheziray
  • Tucker, Lamarol J.
  • Melton, Bradley L.
  • Self, David D.
  • Riley Jr., Brian D.
  • Aguilar, Amaru
  • Balduf, Kevin B.
  • Palmer, Benjamin J.
  • Frison, Demetrius M.
  • Hermogino, Ken K.
  • Spaulding, Riley S.
  • White, Kevin W.

What do we say to their families? This war's not making us safer, it's not worth the cost, and Osama bin Laden is gone. How many more troop deaths and civilian killings will we tolerate before Washington acts to end this war?

President Obama and his advisers have promised repeatedly that significant troop reductions would begin in July 2011. With that time fast approaching, it's time for the administration to declare the start of a swift withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan so this list doesn't continue to grow to no good end. We need our loved ones and our tax dollars (more than $2 billion/week!) home.

Sign Rethink Afghanistan's petition to end the war.