This Veterans Day, Honor Those Who Say "No" to Immoral War

11/10/2010 08:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Derrick Crowe Unabashed nerd, unrepentant pacifist, ragey writer about imperialism.

November 11 is Veterans Day, the 10th Veterans Day since the Afghanistan War began. The burden of this brutal, futile war falls heaviest on a very small slice of the population: military members and their families. Many of them consider this war immoral, but their rights to object to fighting it on moral grounds are severely limited under current law. Rethink Afghanistan's latest video features the voices of some of these veterans, urging us to rethink the burden we're laying on troops.

To learn more about the push to expand the rights of troops who object to particular wars on moral grounds, visit the Truth Commission on Conscience in War.

To fight back against this war that's not making us safer and that's not worth the cost, join Rethink Afghanistan on Facebook and Twitter.