It's Time for Iran to Live Up to Its Commitment to Justice and Compassion

Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal have endured more than 21 months of uncertainty and isolation for no just reason and I urge the Iranian authorities to allow them finally to return home.

There is no evidence to support the charges against them. The world will be watching the actions of the court on May 11 and judge the proceedings on whether Iran lives up to its commitment to justice and compassion. I trust that Shane and Josh will be judged on the facts alone, which can only result in their immediate release.

Shane and Josh are global citizens, with a record of humanitarian engagement, respect for all cultures and nations, and a dedication to a peaceful and sustainable world. It serves no purpose, and is morally unacceptable, to continue to detain them and subject their families to needless suffering and anxiety -- solely on the basis of their nationality.