10/07/2013 05:58 pm ET Updated Dec 07, 2013

Invitation to My Birthday Party

I'm inviting you to a party! It's actually four days of a party being thrown for my 82nd birthday and the 80th birthday of my beloved wife Leah. But we think of it as a celebration of your magnificence and the spirit of Ubuntu in you. So please join us here on Huffington Post and with your tweets.

Ubuntu says that "I am me because of you." In other words, we need each other's magnificence to be fully human. I need, and the world needs, you to be the unique and wonderful gift that you are. You are made for goodness and to be a person of peace.

This is true for you and for every single human being on the planet. So join us on the Ubuntu Train and be part of the movement for peace within, among and between people. Our hash tag for the events is #Tutu4Peace2013

Be part of the celebrations that will include a talk by our dear friend and leader Kofi Annan on Monday October 7 at 1:00PM on the East Coast of the US or 7:00PM in Cape Town.

On Tuesday October 8 the Ubuntu Train will be live-streamed and include your comments and questions via Twitter. Join the twitter conversation with us and be part of the Ubuntu Train for creating a world of peace - peace within you, among the people in your community and between the peoples of the world.

God bless you always! Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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