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Paul Stewart

The Montreal Factor: Fact or Fiction?

Paul Stewart | October 22, 2014 | Sports
One of the great debates among NHL fans is whether certain referees tend to favor or go out of their way to penalize a specific team. Many fans think -- and some are truly convinced in their hearts -- that the officials are "out to get" their favorite team.
Dan Karpuc

Predicting NBA's 2014-2015 Regular Season Awards

Dan Karpuc | October 21, 2014 | Sports
The NBA season is just about a week away, so this is an exciting time for all NBA fans to come up with their own hypotheses about what'll take place this season.
Kelly Frazier


Flying Lotus Is as Live as Ever on New Album and Coming to the Royal Oak Music Theatre This Thursday

Kelly Frazier | October 21, 2014 | Detroit
lying Lotus doesn't make music for the trendy ear, but more for an ageless group that enjoy the timeless qualities that Flying Lotus is become very successful in creating.
Margo T. Oge


Blowing Smoke at Global Warming

Margo T. Oge | October 20, 2014 | Green
The claims coming from the mouths of our elected representatives showcase an incredibly wide array of pseudo-scientific criticism directed at the contemporary understanding of climate change.
Heather Lord

The Art of Urban Conversation

Heather Lord | October 21, 2014 | Detroit
But what if there's also a cost to living in our own bubble? What if this disconnection also sows the seeds for violence and prejudice in our cities and communities? If you don't know the people around you, is it easier to misunderstand, hurt and be hurt, fight and fear one another?
Rev. Al Sharpton


Urgency of Now: Why We Must Vote

Rev. Al Sharpton | October 20, 2014 | Black Voices
With continued officer-involved shootings, attempts at voter suppression, and ongoing racial and economic disparities, it is easy to push voting to the side. But it is precisely because of tragedies like the deaths of young Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in Staten Island, and because of an unequal educational and employment system, that we need to show up at the polls.
Donald Cohen


Captive Customers: Outsourcing Prison Services Is Ruining Lives and Bilking Taxpayers

Donald Cohen | October 20, 2014 | Politics
Introducing for-profit companies into America's criminal justice system has been a bad deal for governments across the country.
Ann Brenoff


It Was Just My Anniversary, But Please Don't Ask Me Which One

Ann Brenoff | October 20, 2014 | Weddings
Weddings and anniversaries seem like one-day events to me. What matters more are the things that transpire on all the other days of the year -- how you treat each other, how you make one another feel, what kind of partnership you have running the show that is your life together.
Dale Hansen

Death With Dignity Is a Matter of Personal Freedom

Dale Hansen | October 20, 2014 | Politics
If you have visited a news oriented website recently, you have likely heard the story of 29-year-old Brittany Maynard, who has an inoperable brain tumor. Rather than let the tumor dictate the terms of her death, she proactively sought an option that would allow her to end her life in a dignified and humane fashion.


These 7 Pizza Styles Dominate the Midwest

Thrillist | October 17, 2014 | Taste
Ask 10 people to tell you which region can lay rightful claim to pizza -- and you'll get 10 different answers.
Sarah Gladstone


15 Problems You'll Only Understand If You're a Jew Who Doesn't 'Look Jewish'

Sarah Gladstone | October 17, 2014 | Religion
Once you're in, you're in, but the idea of having to "prove" something about a fundamental part of who you are, just because you don't have the "right look," seems absurd. Not all Jews are white with curly brown hair, OK? That's never been the way it was and it never will be.


The Coolest Hotel in Every State (and DC!)

Thrillist | October 16, 2014 | Travel
Unless your name happens to be Arthur Fonzarelli (in which case, that's crazy!), it's hard to define the word "cool." And even harder to apply the label to hotels, when "cool" could mean historic, or trendy, or that the place is actually a decommissioned Coast Guard helicopter with a full-service bar... in your room!
Laura Hogikyan

How the Question, 'What is Art?' Got Real Yesterday in Detroit

Laura Hogikyan | October 16, 2014 | Detroit
To dole out fines for wall art, or sell the Detroit Institute of Arts' assets to satisfy creditors in the city bankruptcy, would be to destroy the core of what sustains this city and will continue to make it stronger.
Ann Brenoff


The Golden Girls Got It Right

Ann Brenoff | October 16, 2014 | Fifty
Lately, I've been giving a lot of thought to my commune -- the one I plan on forming when I'm older and widowed and my kids are launched into lives of their own. Think I'm alone in the commune-planning department? You'd be mistaken.
Michael Corbett


5 Things Your Landlord Wants You to Know

Michael Corbett | October 15, 2014 | HuffPost Home
Understanding the lease allows you to to avoid costly extra charges and keep you protected from giving the landlord reason to financially penalize you or worse ... evict you. Take the 15 minutes to read your lease -- it is a win/win for everyone.
Roque Planas

Latino Votes Must Be Earned, Just Like Everyone Else's

Roque Planas | October 15, 2014 | Latino Voices
An increasingly divisive debate is raging among politically engaged Latinos right now over how to respond to our political leaders' incapacity to reform our immigration system. This should worry politicians in general and Democrats in particular.
Jeff Madrick


How Laissez-Faire Economics Led to Inequality and Recession

Jeff Madrick | October 15, 2014 | World
The reaction of the economic mainstream to the inflationary turmoil of the 1970s was to retreat to an ideological interpretation of their fundamental ideas -- a doctrinaire reinforcement of laissez-faire economics.
Dale Hansen

Turning Out the Vote Should Be the Focus of Ferguson October

Dale Hansen | October 14, 2014 | Politics
Regardless of how successful protests like the one in Ferguson are at changing public opinion, the best way to combat the systemic inequality that plagues all levels of government is to vote.
Angela Glover Blackwell


Public Transit: The Road to Opportunity

Angela Glover Blackwell | October 14, 2014 | Green
Would-be workers are not connecting to training; job efficiency is compromised because of lateness, missed work days, and transportation related-distractions due to unreliable, unaffordable and unsafe public transit.
Michele Oberholtzer


Joy Ride

Michele Oberholtzer | October 14, 2014 | Detroit
Slow Roll is Detroit's Monday night group bike ride in which thousands of pedalstrians come together to explore the city on a free bike ride. Throughout the route, riders share space with one another, explore new neighborhoods, and deepen their relationship with the city.
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