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Devra Maza
Devra Maza is a screenwriter and actor working in Los Angeles, but missing New York. An award-winning journalist, her articles on film and baseball have been featured in The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Daily News and Written By Magazine. She now brings her Renaissance Girl columns, commenting on all things cultural, to the Huffington Post. Prior to becoming a writer, she worked as a model during which time she was dubbed "La Dea Porcellana" by the Italian press. She recovered to write for both film and TV and is the author of the poem, "The Great Greg Maddux" which was unanimously voted by the curators committee into the permanent collection of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum at Cooperstown.

Entries by Devra Maza

The Kings of Comeback: Five Lessons for Success From the World Series

(0) Comments | Posted November 15, 2015 | 10:51 PM

Everyone loves a comeback. The 2015 World Series was rife with them, with lessons in redemption in every game. If baseball is a metaphor for life, then the Fall Classic stands as a roadmap for victory that can be applied to any aspiration. As we look forward to a new...

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Becoming Fearless: A Conversation With A Girl Undone Author Catherine Linka

(0) Comments | Posted August 24, 2015 | 1:53 AM

Catherine Linka knows books. So it shouldn't have surprised her when, before her award-winning debut novel A Girl Called Fearless was even published, she was asked to write a sequel. With the release of A Girl Undone, the former buyer for an independent book store has...

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Art of Resistance: Charlie Hebdo's Antonio Fischetti and Judea Pearl on the War on Journalists

(0) Comments | Posted July 27, 2015 | 8:44 PM

It's the prize no one should have to win. When The Daniel Pearl Award was presented to the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, everyone who rose to applaud knew it came at a terrible cost. The Los Angeles Press Club created the award to honor

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Are You Christian Grey? Take the Fifty Shades Test

(0) Comments | Posted February 16, 2015 | 11:44 PM

Mr. Grey will be you now: Christian Grey may be a man of singular sexual tastes, but ten simple questions will tell you if you're him. Every pop-culture phenomenon deserves its own playful pop quiz and Fifty Shades of Grey has certainly made...

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The Adaptation Game: Playing with Fifty Shades of Sex for Film

(1) Comments | Posted February 12, 2015 | 10:02 PM

Sex beckons. It sells books and films, and this Valentine's Day it'll sell both. As Fifty Shades of Grey makes the leap from page to screen, the biggest question has been "how will they do the sex scenes?" In the three-book series by E. L. James, the BDSM sexploits of...

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Ode to Joy: Robin, Joan and Laughter's Long Life

(2) Comments | Posted January 28, 2015 | 1:15 PM

The late Robin Williams. It sounds like an oxymoron. How could anyone so energetically quick-witted ever be late? The same could be said for Joan Rivers who was so ahead of her time, she kept reinventing herself to keep up. This past year, we lost them both, certainly before we...

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Shooting Diamonds: Directing the World Series

(0) Comments | Posted December 30, 2014 | 7:44 AM

For the players of Major League Baseball, the World Series is the ultimate goal. For directors of MLB games on television, it's a career-crowning achievement. For two decades, two directors have been a perennial postseason dynasty. FOX's Bill Webb2014-12-29-Lineup188.jpg

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Baseball's Library: Inside the Hall of Fame Archives

(2) Comments | Posted October 13, 2014 | 6:31 PM

Just beyond the Plaque Gallery of luminaries immortalized in bronze lies the Baseball Hall of Fame's library wherein my poem "The Great Greg Maddux" can be found. It is there that the Hall's library director, Jim Gates, treated me to the sight of my 31-stanza tribute in

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A Tobor the 8th Man Valentine: My Secret Superhero Romance Revealed!

(0) Comments | Posted February 16, 2014 | 11:40 AM

We've all had impossible loves. As RoboCop romped across the Valentine's weekend silver screen, I was reminded of an earlier android amour of my own. For years, I have kept his identity, like my unquenchable ardor for him, locked in my heart. He was my secret obsession, my guilty pleasure,...

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Shooting Diamonds: Directing Sandman's Exit and MLB's Best TV

(0) Comments | Posted January 16, 2014 | 8:00 AM

It's the most photogenic field in sports. With its diamond grass stage and mound dirt spotlight, baseball is a small-screen dream. This season, television directors of Major League Baseball's best games made that stage shine. From no-hitters to the World Series, from an All-Star showcase to an all-time save leader's...

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A Midsummer Classic Scrapbook: MLB Great All-Star Game Moments

(4) Comments | Posted July 22, 2013 | 8:43 AM

Scrapbooks are made for memorable moments. Within their treasured confines, they hold the highlights of lifetimes and preserve favorite pictures of milestone achievements. Baseball's All-Star Game is the perfect stage to fill those pages. The heroics of beloved stars, rising above their best-of-the-best peers, has garnished legacies and, in some...

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Baseball's Less-Is-More Season: Low Numbers Were Highlights in MLB

(2) Comments | Posted December 31, 2012 | 8:51 AM

It is often said that baseball is a game of numbers. How ironic that one of the only major sports without a clock should be so counted. But count we do, with large numbers invariably celebrated over the small: most wins, most home runs, highest average, biggest hits. This season,...

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When All-Stars Align: The Streak, .400 and the Home Run of '41

(2) Comments | Posted July 12, 2012 | 5:40 PM

2012-07-11-TedJoeJoy6.jpg It was like lightning striking. Over 70 years ago, Major League Baseball's All-Star Game saw one of the most electrifying home runs ever hit, during one of the most remarkable seasons ever played. It was July 8, 1941, and two of baseball's...

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Superheroes Of The Baseball Season

(3) Comments | Posted December 31, 2011 | 6:37 AM

America loves a superhero. From comic books to Comic-Con, from cinema to cyberspace, superheroes rule the airwaves and our hearts. So it's no wonder that America's game is no different. In times of economic hardship, social upheaval or natural disaster, Americans historically look to heroes for rescue, inspiration and escapist...

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A Twilight Seduction: What Men Can Learn From Edward

(111) Comments | Posted July 18, 2010 | 3:20 AM


As The Twilight Saga: Eclipse continues to fire up the global box office, women of all ages find themselves consumed with an insatiable hunger, devouring everything on the film, its characters and the stars that play them, while reserving a special lust for its eternally devoted...

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The Big Smooch: Start the New Year With a Movie Kiss

(2) Comments | Posted December 31, 2009 | 5:14 PM

It happens every New Year's Eve as people all over the world, across cultures and continents, countdown to a midnight kiss. It's the chance to kiss on a turning point as the magical minute marks both happy endings and new beginnings with a...

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"The Shopping Maccabees: A Chanukah Miracle"

(0) Comments | Posted December 13, 2009 | 8:07 AM

2015-02-20-Meno81c.jpgChanukah had started, the menorah was lit
The family had sung, now they'd give gifts and sit
A little big brown-eyed girl and her brother
Got loads of great stuff then gave stuff to each other

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Baseball's Big Black Eye: Black Sox, Blackouts and the Banning of Buck Weaver

(0) Comments | Posted August 27, 2009 | 11:29 PM

It's a saying as old as the game itself and some version of it can be found posted in every Major League Baseball clubhouse: "What we do here, what we say here, when you leave here, it...

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Michael Jackson's Other Big Move: The Crotch-Grab

(5) Comments | Posted July 6, 2009 | 6:02 PM

2015-02-21-MJgrab292.jpgWith the passing of Michael Jackson, everyone's mourning the loss of his moonwalk, the move he made famous. But what about his other big move: the crotch-grab. It was just as defining and identifiable with him as that sliding backwards step was. You...

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