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Diana Paredes
Like many of her generation, Diana does not belong to one place but likes to think of herself as a citizen of the world. She speaks 6 languages and has lived in 7 countries so far. She also holds an MEng in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Imperial College.

She is proud to be working in the financial industry despite the recent turmoil. She believes finance can still contribute positively to society if things are done ‘in the right way’ and that sustainable change (for anything) comes from within.

Diana is fiercely passionate about life and its meaning to other people. She advocates empathy as the solution to most of the planet's problems. She is naturally interested in business, but also global issues and the Arts, finding each of these fields to be similar to each other in so many ways.

Diana is still planning to change the world…

Entries by Diana Paredes

On the Importance of Being Compassionate

(1) Comments | Posted January 22, 2014 | 2:57 PM

As we approached the end of 2013, I started reflecting on the most important thing I learned last year. I have spent a lot of my life so far trying to figure out what the greatest quality of a human being is. I decided a few years ago that it...

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