09/07/2008 06:38 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

A Missing Child, A Silent Mom

She missed celebrating her 3rd birthday with her family. No cake, no candles, no presents for little Caylee Marie Anthony of Orlando, Florida. She has been missing since sometime after June 15th. Her birthday was August 9th.

Now, a couple of numbskull bail bondsmen have given Caylee's secretive, lying mother the gift of freedom - again. For the second time Mom gets bail on child neglect charges and leaves jail to watch from the comfort of home as others try to clean up her horrible mess.

Where is Caylee?

The child and her unmarried mom, Casey, had always lived with her maternal grandparents. But after Mom broke up with a boyfriend and met a new man on the internet, sometime in late May, mother and daughter moved out. The new boyfriend says Mom moved in to his place but not with the little girl.

Incriminating photos surfaced of Caylee's 22 year-old mother whooping it up at a local bar about the same time she now claims her daughter went missing. A local tattoo parlor says she visited there and was happy-go-lucky. The new boyfriend says Casey spent time helping him at his DJ job and cooking and cleaning at his apartment. Cozy arrangement.

Casey Anthony, inexplicably, took 31 days to file a police report after she says her daughter disappeared - and only then because her mother forced the issue. Casey told detectives her daughter had been staying with a nanny who ran away with the child. But no one has ever seen this nanny, no payments to a nanny were found and authorities believe she never existed. Police say Casey Anthony remains "emotionless ... stoic and monotone" when they speak to her about her missing baby.

Casey Anthony is a proven liar. She's woven tales about her daughter's last location, mysterious phone calls, her job (actually, she didn't have one), why she asked a neighbor to borrow a shovel and why the trunk of her car contained maggots and smelled like a dead body. Forensic tests conducted on matter found in her car trunk concluded it once held a decomposing human body and traces of chloroform. There is only one body who is missing from Casey's sphere and that's her 3 year old daughter, Caylee. Authorities reportedly seized a computer on which Casey researched how to use chloroform.

Police originally charged Casey with child neglect, giving a false statement and obstruction of a criminal investigation. She was in prison for about a month, released on bond and then when she continued to refuse to come clean on the whereabouts of her daughter, exasperated authorities tossed her back in jail on charges of theft and check forgery. Seems she may have stolen 740 dollars from a girlfriend.

Want to bet she'll ultimately be charged with murder?

Infanticide happens. More than 200 American women kill their children every year. But unlike Andrea Yates who immediately called police after drowning her five children; unlike Susan Smith who ultimately confessed to strapping her two sons in a car and driving it into a lake, Casey Anthony remains mum.

Somewhere deep in her twisted mind she believes she isn't required to account for the whereabouts of her tiny child, she believes she'll "win" at this mind game if she just stays silent.
Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, President of the Violent Crimes Institute, says Casey is displaying typical escapist behavior. She calls it the "White Picket Fence Fantasy" whereby young women long for a knight in shining armor to rescue them from their boring lives. When it doesn't happen reality seeps in and instead of feeling love for their child they begin to feel seething anger. "Everything that has gone wrong becomes the fault of the child," says Dr. Shurman-Kuflin who has interviewed many female serial killers and mass murderers and profiles the mind-set.

So, that leaves the Orlando Sheriff's Department to untangle Casey's web of deceit. Imagine the man-hours they've expended so far! Imagine their dilemma in dealing with the fate of a tiny child and her mother who they can't crack. Should effort be spent trying to make the liar speak truth or on searching for a toddler who might be dead?

A study of mothers who murder reveals most dispose of their children's bodies in "a womb-like way." The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports the victims are often found carefully wrapped in plastic or submerged in water and the bodies were usually found within ten miles of the family home. In an eerie aside, Casey told her brother during a prison phone call,
"In my gut she's still ok and it still feels like she's close to home. There's this type of bond you have with your kid ... it's unexplainable."

Yeah, right, lady - it is unexplainable.

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