McCain vs. Able

06/12/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Is the MacAttack crazy or what?
The "McCain versus Able" debates between John and Barack are hopefully coming to a theater near you, that is if Obama agrees to ten debates as requested by John McCain. I hope he does.

But McCain's request is quite revealing: The fact that the Arizona Oldie wants more face time in public against his articulate opponent may constitute the country's first glimpse into the onset of dementia.

I mean what else could it be? What is he thinking? And why would his supporters let him think that way?

McCain cannot put two sentences together without reading them off a teleprompter at a slow speed robotically. Mr. Zombie-speak is not only a halting speaker, but he operates in a parallel universe which will become even more obvious as he and Obama are televised sparring intellectually.

Let's flout our insensitivity
Presentation is not McCain's strong suit. Neither is sensitivity or nuance. A big political tin ear was behind his choice of New Orleans as a venue last night to mount his attack against Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee.

There he was, on the historical occasion of the first African-American getting a major party's nomination, in the Big Easy which has been destroyed by the Bush administration, as well as Army Corps of engineers and local governments, because nobody repaired the levees or rescued the people quickly in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The result was that the world watched poor, African-Americans, who couldn't afford to live on high ground, wait for days on rooftops for evacuation, food or medical attention. The Bush appointee responsible for this fiasco eventually got the pink slip but the nation got the black eye.

McCain's peanut gallery
Not only did John McCain showcase himself in the City of Republican Shame but was surrounded with a "crowd" that could only fill a Starbucks, populated by raucous white people older than himself, if that's possible.

McCain's speech, however, was helpful because he shot himself in the foot by agreeing with Obama's entire campaign slogan that change was necessary. He attacked Obama's changes as unworkable without better suggestions which means that he, by default, upheld the status quo.

John McCain's performance on a night watched by more Americans than most debates will garner neatly underscored that the divide between the two parties cannot be bridged. So voters will have a choice which means the election will be won by the leader with the most voters in his camp.

McCain/Bush Nation
1. Iraq which Republicans represent as synonymous with national security
2. Taxes
3. Reducing the size and scope of all government

Obama and Democrat Nation
1. The Iraq mess
2. The economy
3. Healthcare

Hillary and Bill's bad behavior
As an aside, it was encouraging today to see that Obama is not chasing her to be his running mate. In fact, he moved on, underscoring the fact that she probably overplayed her hand by not conceding last night, then not answering the phone when he called. Obama announced that he was creating a committee to vet his potential VPs which includes Caroline Kennedy and other notables.

This means that Hillary's nasty "surge" at the end of the primary process will end up being about as successful a nation-builder as has been the McCain/Bush military version in Iraq.

As a footnote, I believe, and some exit polls show, that the majority of Hillary's supporters won't vote for Grumpy. I, for one, wouldn't even trust him to babysit young grandchildren.