Obama Phone Trail Highlights New Mideast Road Map

The two-nation notion -- Israel and a Palestinian state -- is simply unworkable. Gaza and the West Bank are not contiguous land masses and have never had responsible, credible or successful leadership.

Here is the obvious strategy that is being whispered about and probably has the best chance of succeeding and stopping the craziness and bloodshed.

1. Gaza should be annexed by Egypt. It is a boot camp run by terrorists and annexation will unseat its ruinous regime, give Gazans access to markets, jobs, passports and dignity. Egypt should be paid handsomely by the Americans and Europeans to take over Gaza and assimilate its people.

2. Likewise, the West Bank, run by incompetent but mostly non-violent Palestinians, should be annexed by Jordan. This will provide the same benefits for its residents as an Egyptian-Gazan annexation will bring to those residents. Jordan is already mostly populated by Palestinians who have prospered as a result of that relatively enlightened monarchy. Jordan should also be paid handsomely to undertake this acquisition.

It's interesting to note the strategy is likely being tested by President Obama this week. He phoned the heads of Middle East states in the following order: His first call to a foreign leader as President was made to West Bank "President" Abbas, according to the Times of London.

2. Next was Egypt's President Mubarak.

3. Third was Ehud Olmert, the Prime Minister of Israel.

4. Fourth was King Abdullah of Jordan.

Diane blogs at Financial Post