12/31/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Miracle Vet

Fifteen months ago (August 23, 2007), I wrote a post about my dog Molly called "Can This Dog Be Saved?" Molly, a 10-year-old Tibetan terrier, had been diagnosed with lymphoma and had received the most advanced diagnostic treatment that modern veterinary medicine can offer. I was advised by a veterinary oncologist that there was no hope for her and that she should be euthanized. My local vet did not offer much hope; he said that he could keep her alive for six months at best with prednisone.

It all happened too quickly -- she had been sick only for a month -- and I decided, as I wrote in the blog post, to try a different approach before giving up on her life. On the recommendation of friends, I took Molly to Dr. J.J. Wen in Speonk, New York. Dr. Wen is a licensed veterinarian who practices both standard medicine and herbal medicine. On examining Molly, he immediately reached the same diagnosis as the advanced technology (that had cost me thousands of dollars) and put Molly on a regimen of herbal remedies, in concert with prednisone.

Today Molly is still with me. She is not only alive, but alert, happy, and playful. Sometimes, she acts like a puppy. She does not have any of the symptoms (lethargy, coughing, gasping for breath) that she displayed when she first got sick. The only negative effects of her treatment is that she has lost the hair on her back and her tail, but she doesn't seem to know or care about it. The hair loss is the result of the low-dose prednisone that she takes along with her herbs.

Putting my trust in this remarkable vet, I brought my other dog to him as well. Lady, an 11 year-old cocker spaniel, was suffering terrible arthritis in her back legs. Two local vets had told me she would need surgery, that they would sever the joint, clean out the arthritis and reattach the leg with fishing wire. It sounded barbaric. Dr. Wen put her on herbs for her arthritis and she has completely regained her mobility.

I think Dr. Wen is a miracle worker. Molly, who was supposed to be dead fifteen months ago, or to eke out another six months at best, is going strong. Lady is feeling great and definitely does not need surgery.

Maybe his cures would not work for every dog, but they sure worked for mine. Having gone the extra mile for them, I am now prepared for whatever happens in the future.

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