09/08/2010 04:31 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Democrats Get Excited. Please!!

As the nation digs deeper into insanity, it's time for everyone on the left, confirmed Democrat or not, to unite and prevent the further deterioration of our national honor. After the meaningless but highly publicized 'patriotic' flimflam of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin at the Lincoln Memorial, we are now poised on the brink of a book burning. Ridiculous.
There are just a few weeks before the mid-term election, and everyone with a head on his or her shoulders should begin to use it. Everyone who cares about truth. Everyone who care about the Constitution, as written. Everyone who cares about and honors their fellow man. Everyone who cares about freedom. Look to the facts and get moving.
Sorry, but the "professional left" has got to stop quibbling. Even if President Obama hasn't done every little thing the progressives would have wanted, he has accomplished A GREAT DEAL against dedicated, obstinate opposition. Not every problem has been solved. Healthcare reform isn't everything we wanted to be. The bailouts were ugly, but worked in the long run. Credit reform is compromised, but on the books. The auto industry is on four wheels. The stimulus was smaller than needed but impactful. Good.
Anyone who speaks questioningly or negatively about the accomplishments of this administration in the next two months is endangering our national future. We have to accept what this remarkable and unique administration has managed to do with JOY and PRIDE despite the flawed communications. And we need to get out and vote for every viable democrat or independent who will support Barack Obama over the next two crucial years to bring the country back to our immense possibilities.
We cannot afford to let the Fox-driven right take over the House or increase their hold on the Senate. Quibbling, complaining, and not showing up to vote will have the same impact as a vote for Nader in 2000 or 2004. Remember W? They will dance triumphantly over our apathy.
I call upon every living Democrat and understanding Independent to spend the next eight weeks convincing their friends, relatives, and neighbors to show up at the polls and make it possible for Barack Obama to continue on the path we elected him to take.
Get Up! Get Out! Vote! With Enthusiasm! With Passion!
This could be the most important election in a very long time.