04/18/2011 03:17 pm ET | Updated Jun 18, 2011

Why You Can't Trust Auto-Mode for Beach Photos (Video)

Can your beach vacation images look better?

Yes they can!

A little knowledge and one change on your camera will make a world of difference. When we go to a beach, we're confronted with a lot of sunlight, reflections and a wide contrast between lights and darks. Images appear too bright, or the skin tones are too light. Shadows are black making the contrast too hard. And many times our family and friends are squinting as well.

Today's "point and shoot" cameras are marketed to the public as complete automated devices, designed to remove our creative decision making, when taking a photograph.

So we have to ask: "if Auto-Mode is so great, then why do manufacturers still give us manual settings?"

Perhaps manufacturers feel that many of us don't really care to think creatively, and try to sell us "assurance" that our cameras take great images. But we all have experienced, that this is not always the case. People create a great image, and a camera, in the end; is only a tool to capture light. We spend hundreds of dollars on cameras that include features we never even bother to understand or know about, only to find ourselves wondering why we paid so much for these advanced cameras.

Understanding how to move out of the Auto-Mode and discovering the "Beach Scene Mode", which many of today's cameras possess; a little knowledge about this feature will improve our beach photos ... period. Our "Beach Scene Mode" video at Digital 1 to 1 offers a simple and engaging, yet in-depth grasp on creating better images at the beach.

Advance your knowledge past the Auto-Mode ... Imagine that! Move your photography to a new level and discover that creative photographer within you. Digital 1 to 1 is a website, where digital photography is made simple. Our growing library of video lessons is the manual you wished came with your digital camera. ~ Ken and Santino, "The Photo Guys".