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World-Wide Large Scale Sport Events at Tipping Point

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The horrific scenario in Boston on April 15, 2013 left all sport enthusiasts, athletes from all over the world and spectators in fear, hate and anger.

Tragic has happened again -- this time it was live broadcasted by the cameras near the finish line and online live broadcasts and uncountable phone videos by the spectators and athletes in Boston.
We have witnessed the fourth hour of the Boston Marathon as if we were there - physically and emotionally. We instantly felt alone, not knowing what to do - a helplessness and emptiness within us.

Many of us asked the question: "What is this telling us? What is this for? Is it the end of our freedom? Can I go to the next basketball game or can I send my child to the sport tournament next weekend without fear?"

Does the Boston Marathon have the potential to transform?

The world leading spiritual teachers have told us over the years that once we have achieved a critical mass, a universal global consciousness, we are able to 'heal' the world. Intentional Meditation [IM] has been proven to be able to lower the crime rate significantly. We have learned that the number of participants radiating love and compassion into the world is added up exponentially. The new equation of this energy is 1+1 = 11.

Large scale sport events are attracting hundred thousands of spectators to its arenas all over the world and now have the potential to teach and educate all of us how to achieve a universal consciousness that can restore peace in ourselves, our neighborhoods, in our cities, our provinces, states, our country and the whole world.

Large scale sports events will become a source of energy that will feed the universal consciousness with their healing potential when we all participate and become part of a cohered state of mind.

The Boston Marathon has started a running awareness in 1897 (one year after the 1896 Olympic Summer Games) and will have the potential to create an awareness that will unify people and nations on a spiritual and energetic level to create something even bigger than we can imagine at this point. Running has created awareness for physical health and fitness. The Power of Coherence will create and restore our healing mechanisms on a non-physical level.

We have the tools to teach people regardless of their religion. We have spiritual teachers that are best-selling authors and speak to the masses. We have Oprah, the Huffington Post and those that can spread the word. We have a Social Media Network to teach, guide and educate people. We have athletes that are highly respected -- idols for young and old -- inspirational and meaningful. We have people with a connection to their higher self and we have the technology to give profound scientific evidence to the critics.

This is our tipping point and we have a chance to heal our nations. What we are about to create will be remembered by the next generations. Our generation has some unfinished business. We can't be remembered by our grandchildren to be responsible for the wars in the Middle East, by the financial fiasco and environmental challenges.

We have the chance to prevent another Boston.

We can build compassion and hope. We can build peace. This is a true legacy.

We have approached the Vancouver Olympic Committee prior to 2010 and we have talked to the chief officer who was responsible for the athletes' and visitors' security during the Winter Olympic Games. Our proposal to educate the police, the security personnel, was received very well. They loved it and shared our vision.

We knew at that time that a global consciousness achieved by meditative and breathing techniques will be the only answer to the increased threat at large scale events like Boston, Olympic Games, Super Bowls, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, NHL, Soccer games and many, many more.

We believe that April 15, 2013 was the tipping point were athletes, sponsors, politicians, spiritual leaders, our security agencies unify with the spectators on site and in front of the screens to create a legacy for the 21 Century. In PEACE.

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