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Meg Whitman Did It For The Lulz

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In the past, CA gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has accused her opponent Jerry Brown of being "part of the old school, part of the old approach." And, as if to prove that point--that Brown is for the olds and Whitman can hang with the youngs--her press secretary Sarah Pompei tweeted this week that "Jerry Brown is too soft on crime," only instead of linking to the usual boring political stuff, Pompei linked to this video of--y'all ready for this?--Korean cross-dressing jazz fusion/metal bassist-turned-viral video-star H.J. Freaks, who, according to his MySpace, aspires to be "the world's greatest stupid idiot bass player":

So, yes, the Whitman campaign basically invented the new Rickroll. Which means Whitman's press secretary is either incredibly inept and does not understand teh Twitter OR...she knows exactly what she's doing and did it for the lulz.

We think it's obvious what really happened, therefore we say...


[LA Times: Nearly a full day later, Meg Whitman's spokeswoman is still linking to cross-dressing Korean bass player]
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