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Judge Michele F. Lowrance

How to Prevent The Wedding Black And Blues: The Child You Had with Your Ex is Getting Married

Judge Michele F. Lowrance | Posted June 4, 2012

The last time you saw your ex-husband, maybe you said to yourself: "I will see him in hell." Perhaps you thought of a milder version of distain: "I hope I never see him again as long as I live." But life has taken charge and you are staring down the...

Alex McCord

Sleep with My Husband... Go On, I Dare You

Alex McCord | Posted June 4, 2012

How low would you go to catch your husband cheating? I'm flying without a net here, because it never occurred to me to try. My jaw was on the floor when we saw this week's story on Coffee Shop Confessions. The mom this week was so sure that...

Kathleen Kinmont

What's Wrong With Me?

Kathleen Kinmont | Posted June 4, 2012

Apparently, stirring the hornets nest with a lit torch is not a good idea. I'm referring to my previous blog, "Do I Really Need A Man?" An interesting and telling alternate title, chosen by the powers that be. It was a line pulled from my text, and I...

Jennifer Nagy

Why I Believe Marriage Shouldn't Be Allowed Before Age 25

Jennifer Nagy | Posted June 4, 2012

Age is just a number... except when it comes to marriage.

Let's look at my stats:
Current age - 29
Divorced for - 8 months
Separated for - 1 year, 9 months
Age when I met my ex - 19
Age when I married...