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Divya Gugnani


Have Food, Will Travel: Top 5 New Culinary Destinations

Posted: 05/07/10 04:52 AM ET

Some people travel to sightsee, relax or learn about a new culture. Then there those of us who travel to explore exotic marketplaces, try new wines, discover hidden restaurants and then squeeze as much of these foods and spirits into our suitcases as we can so that we can savor the flavors of our travels back home. Call us foodies, bon vivants, gourmands or (occasionally) gluttons; but as long as there are new countries to be explored and novel foods to be eaten, we will be there, forks in hand. Here are five emerging gastronomic meccas to look out for.

What's your favorite culinary travel destination?
Culinary Destinations
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1. Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka: A small island in the northern part of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lankan cuisine reflects the flavors of its surrounding countries as well as its colonial history. Sri Lanka is being recognized for its extraordinary spice offerings, notably its complex and spicy curry blends. Don't leave without trying pittu, a mix of rice meal and shredded coconut that is steamed in a bamboo shoot. Sri Lanka is also known for producing some of the world's most prized black, green and white teas in its central highlands. Behind the Burner expert Rohini Dey agrees, and notes that the most spectacular meal he ever had was breakfast in Sri Lanka, where he enjoyed rich sweet tropical fruits, sambals, rice pudding and fresh crisp "appam" (rice crepe bowl) with an egg cracked into it.

(Image courtesy of Lanka Library,
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