Some Good News in the Fight Against Polluters

04/11/2011 09:46 am ET | Updated Jun 06, 2011

The Senate today voted down several pro-pollution amendments that would have gutted the Clean Air Act -- and blocked the Environmental Protection Agency from doing what we want it to do: protect the quality of our air and water.

The polluter lobby is lavishly funded. But those of us who want to protect our children's future have something even more precious on our side: love. Lots of it. And that has energized and inspired countless people to write, protest, agitate, plea and argue. I know, it sounds corny. I could just as easily say we have "passion" on our side. We're galvanized. Or "right". There is simply no moral argument on the side of pollution.

We are passionate in this fight, and we are doing the right thing. But, as I've talked about it to many mothers and fathers, I'm beginning to see that the reason these pollution issues strike even deeper into our hearts is that they awaken that fierce parental love that will do whatever it takes to protect a child. For that reason, many of us are engaging politically for the first time. It feels like the right thing to do--and it feels like the loving thing to do.

Cheers to everyone who wrote to coal plant owners, the EPA, and elected officials on up to the President. We still have lots more work to do; there will be more votes. But at least today we get a glimmer of hope. Success can come of the hard work of being an engaged, loving citizen.