10 Things Every Small Space Needs

02/04/2015 11:54 am ET | Updated Apr 06, 2015

photography by ANNIE SCHLECHTER

What if you have a kitchen that doubles as a living room and a dining room? Maximize every square inch.

photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE

multifunctional furniture
Think double-duty. Ottoman that can work as a coffee table or extra seating. A trunk steps in to play table as well as extra storage spot for extra blankets and pillows.



hooks, peg boards, magnetic racks
You can't help but put things on display. Utilize the walls for keeping those frequently reached for items close.


photography by LAURA RESEN

storage essentials
In other words: go undercover. Investing in storage containers (bins, baskets, boxes) is a must. Just be sure to label things properly so you can find them fast.

photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE

thin console
So you don't have a table that can fit that dinner party of 12? Use your imagination. A thin console, which usually stands in your hallway, can be used for serving a buffet-style dinner.


photography by JONNY VALIANT

slim side tables (positioned against a wall)
It's important to consider scale. In other words: don't waste space when not in use. Letting one side rest against a wall, will keep the surface from dominating the space.

photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

room dividers
Think about screens or bookshelves to separate "rooms" and create the illusion of multiple spaces.

photography by ANITA CALERO

Break out the paintbrushes. Color can add interest to your space while keeping things from feeling boring. And think beyond the walls: furniture (chests and chairs) in fresh shades can keep your style interesting.


Weightless. Plus, since it's nearly invisible, it doesn't take up visual space.

photography by PAUL COSTELLO

smart setup
If your living room does double as your dining room and office, then make sure the pieces are arranged in a smart way. Smart for your lifestyle, that is. A high-functioning studio means everything from taxes to dinner parties can happen there.

photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE

courage to break the rules
There are lots of rules you can follow when it comes optimizing space. However, if they don't feel right to you (you love Grandma's oversized chair), then don't obey them. Choose to make decorating decisions that will keep your space feeling like home. Your home. And yes, even if you're living in a teeny-tiny space.