03/25/2015 01:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2015

13 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Space

photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE
out with the old
Replace existing knobs on outdated cabinets with eye-catching alternatives for an instant revamp.

photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE

rental kitchen solutions
A small burst of color goes a long way. Coat window panes in a vibrant hue for a stunning contrast against a whitewashed backdrop.

photography by PAUL COSTELLO

lighting counts
Dull lighting can hinder the character of a home. Opt for a new set of bulbs or lighting solutions for a redefined space.

photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE
artful arranging
Get creative with storage arrangements and diversify the decor with potted plants and framed prints.

photography by ANNA WOLF

plush pieces
A lively set of brightly-colored throw pillows give an outdated sofa a new lease on life.

photography by PAUL COSTELLO
front door form
Bring a drab entryway to life. Enter energizing hue in an unexpected spot.

photography by MIKKEL VANG

hang free
No space is complete without proper window treatments.

See more on how to maximize the depth of your space.

photography by BRITTANYMAKES

on the ground
A daring floor piece contributes a unique dynamic, as well as a fine layer of texture, to the decor.

photography by AMY ECKERT

cool blues
A fresh coat of paint in a calming tone is all you need for an instant uplift.

photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE

art block
Divert attention from unpleasant areas with a captivating print in a soothing tone.

photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT

on the wall
Never underestimate the power of a bold wallpaper. A once lifeless space gets the ultimate revival.

See a few ways to make over walls.

photography by BILL BATTEN

double it
Can't quite upgrade your space? Create the illusion of a larger room by opting for a gallery wall of mirrors or simply securing them onto the walls and doors.

photography by DEBORAH JAFFE

scented accents
When time is of the essence, a simple arrangement of freshly cut flowers can work wonders.