04/15/2015 10:10 am ET | Updated Jun 08, 2015

How to Design the Perfect Playroom

photography by ELIZABETH HARRIS
Want to create a kid-friendly space that doesn't break every rule in the decorating book? Studio McGee gives us the scoop.

photography by ELIZABETH HARRIS
start with upholstery that can take a beating
We look for options that have removable covers, upholstery that is wipeable (like leather), or a polyester/acrylic blend fabric. White slipcovers are actually a great option in kids' spaces because you can bleach them! In this playroom we used a mix of all three.

photography by ELIZABETH HARRIS

don't be afraid of color and pattern
This is the place to have fun! We like to use bold colors against a crisp, white backdrop to keep things playful and modern. Vary the scale of your patterns and know that a good stripe goes with just about anything.

photography by ELIZABETH HARRIS
incorporate closed storage
I can't even tell you how many times I've tripped over a xylophone and landed on a LEGO in our home. When you have kids, messes are a way of life! Make it easy on yourself and incorporate closed storage to clean up quickly and hide clutter.

photography by ELIZABETH HARRIS
use toys and children's books as accessories
Wooden blocks, stacks of books, a chalkboard, or a jar filled with marbles...with some editing and the right perspective, toys can be beautiful too!

photography by ELIZABETH HARRIS

divide the space
Space planning is key in a playroom. Designate zones for different activities and you will get the most from your space.

photography by ELIZABETH HARRIS
make it personal
Art is our favorite way to add personality to any room, but especially a playroom. Here we designed a gallery wall using a collection of family and travel photos, kids' artwork and collected prints.