08/12/2014 10:10 am ET Updated Oct 12, 2014

Stylish Ways to Decorate With White

A pure hue with a deep and invigorating side.

photography by FRANKY FRANKENY

While some choose to decorate with bold and bright hues, others lean on white to define their space. White is crisp, clean, and extremely powerful. Often underestimated. That is, until it has its chance to shine. Get inspired by the many breathtaking sides that this rich and creamy color can offer to a home.


Violaine Carrère embraced a monochromatic palette while renovating her Paris flat.Carrere outside her apartment, located near Paris's Montmartre district.


In the living area, soft sheepskins and potted plants warm up the edited palette.


Carrère describes her apartment's aesthetic as a reaction to the visual overstimulation she experiences as a photographer and studio owner. "I was just feeling fed up with color," she says. "I felt that I needed a Zen place just for myself." So, determined to fashion her home into a creative refuge, she bought some cans of white paint.


A fresh coat of your favorite shade does wonders. For her apartment, Carrere painted end tables, shelves, and frames to fit her aesthetic- and budget. (Even exhausted thrift-shop pieces look better in white!)


Modern spaces can lean on suprising shapes and styles to add visual interest. Dining chairs by Philippe Starck add sculptural elegance.


A cushioned window seat doubles as a foldout bed for guests.


When Carrère first moved, there were five different types of flooring throughout the apartment. She discovered that limiting her palette to white lent continuity to her surfaces- and also saved her the expense of replacing them!


Bare walls and neutral furnishings are an opportunity for building an art-house atmosphere. "Think of your home as a gallery," Carrère recommends.


A low bed frame gives the room an air of rock-and-roll elegance.


Her space is filled with artwork, furnishings, and accessories- many handpainted by Carrère- in a nearly all-white palette, resulting in a soothing sanctuary from color.

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