11/02/2010 12:10 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Women and Hispanics Key to the Election

Everybody's tired. But we have to push, a little more, a little more.

Especially we must encourage our friends in two groups, one a powerful minority, and the other, the majority.

Did you know last year more women got Ph.D's than men? My daughter would say that's why more women vote Democrat than men, because they are just smarter!

But I hear the majority gender are not turning out to vote in as great numbers as before, which is scary. Without political involvement, would there be women's rights at all?

Remember the phrase, "rule of thumb"? That came from the fact that it was once legal to beat a woman -- your wife -- as long as the weapon of violence was no thicker than your thumb.

It was women's struggle that changed that, women's groups, working, failing, getting up and trying again, aided by progressives in both parties.

In 1980, GOP icon Ronald Reagan broke that bipartisan tradition. He led the Republicans to oppose the Equal Rights Amendment.

Since then women's rights and women's issues have been almost exclusively a Democrat issue.
The energy was always there.

Look back at what a Democratic President did.

It was 1918, and Democratic President Woodrow Wilson was fighting for women's right to vote.

Read these two paragraphs from Wikipedia:

...a bill was brought before the House, on January 10, 1918. On the evening before, President Wilson made a strong and widely published appeal to the House to pass the bill. It was passed with one more vote than was needed to make the necessary two-thirds majority. The vote was then carried into the Senate. Again President Wilson made an appeal, and on September 30, 1918, the question was put to the vote, but two votes were lacking to make the two-thirds majority. On February 10, 1919, it was again voted upon, and then it was lost by only one vote.

...the President called a special session of Congress, and a bill, introducing the amendment, was brought before the House again. On May 21, 1919, it was passed... On June 4, 1919, it was brought before the Senate, and after a long discussion it was passed...

I submit that the Democratic party has historically been the party of women, and that the Congress of Nancy Pelosi has stood tall in that tradition.

If you agree, please vote, and bring your friends.

And Mexican-Americans? You know your history -- this was once your land!

California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Utah -- this was Mexico.

North America conquered it by force, then made a treaty, a lot of promises, most of which were never kept -- and then moved in like it was ours.

And now we have Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor Jan Brewer pretending to be the good guys, when the main purpose of that unconstitutional law of theirs is to enrich the private prison industry.

This article detais how the private prison industry was behind the Arizona law to jail suspected illegal immigrants, including campaign contributions they paid the lawmakers.

They are, unfortunately, all too representative of the Republican party today.

What happens if Mexican-Americans do not turn out and vote?

Look up Prop 187 -- a Republican bill. You already know their stance on undocumented workers!

Compare the two parties on issue of interest to Hispanic Americans, and then decide if it is safe to stay home on election day.

We must push on, these last few hours. Make a contribution to a candidate you respect, or help rally the friends to turn out.

Do something.

As champion basketball player Bill Russell once said: "Think, and participate." To which I can only add: If we never quit trying, we can only win, or die. And everybody dies, so why not try?