01/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Barack Obama: Change

My fellow Americans, the moment of truth is here. America has spoken and is ready to move forward with much-needed change. Barack Obama represents that change. To my fellow Americans who can't accept a black man as President, as the great grandson of former slaves, I want you to know that I am empathetic, sympathetic and commiserate with your predicament. I understand very well that after more than three centuries of being taught, conditioned and indoctrinated to see the black man as your inferior, it is unrealistic to think that now you can just change to respect him. That's easier said than done.

Try to think of your children and their children and a better life for them. Try to think of your beloved country America and what's best for Miss Liberty. Then try not to think of Barack Obama as a black man but as an American fighting for what's best for your children and your country. Barack Obama is in it to win it. He can't give in, he can't give up and he can't quit. He's fighting for a better future--black and white alike.

The following issues are firmly planted in the minds of the American people: the economy, jobs, health care, education, national security, and improving America's image around the world. America needs change and has wisely chosen Barack Obama to lead that change.

We are living in a time when custom and tradition has grown to a new level of elevation and progress. Let freedom ring, Barack Obama, from every hill, every dell, every nook and cranny of America, let freedom ring throughout every state, every city and every ghetto of this great land. Innovative and imaginative thinking is an idea whose time has come.

It appears America is finally ready to accept its challenge, "One land indivisible with liberty and justice for all," and fulfill its promise. "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal."

History has taught us that when we cover up an unassailable truth rather than face a clear, undeniable reality, the result is chaos, bigotry, bias, prejudice and divisiveness.

I love America.... And I love the American people, black and white alike. When I began my boxing career, I quickly realized and appreciated the fact that people hold the key to success. Innovation and imagination are my tools, a better America is my goal, and I believe people are beautiful. So let's come together with unity, solidarity and togetherness.

My boxing career began while helping the Forrest City Hospital, a hospital which served the black community of Cleveland, Ohio. Devastated by racial segregation and discrimination, "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali came to Cleveland and performed a boxing exhibition spotlighting the plight of the organization.

The event led me to stage "The Rumble in the Jungle" in Kinshasa, Zaire, in 1974. Even though I had signed the two most famous athletes in the world, racism prevented me from producing the event in my beloved homeland of America. Instead I went to Africa where I met Mubuto Sese Seko, President of Zaire, and the rest is history.

Despite its racist history, I am proud to be an American. I never thought I would live to see the day a black man be elected as the President of the United States of America and have his campaign taken seriously, endorsed and supported by the American people, black and white alike. Demonstrating peaceful co-existence, tolerance and acceptance: America The Beautiful!!!

Peaceful co-existence means we must love each other. We must trust each other. We must respect each other. We must work with each other and perform with each other.

We must believe somehow or in some form the moral universe is on the side of justice. We must come to believe as Martin Luther King Jr. stated, "I can't be what we ought to be until you can be what you ought to be. And you can't be what you ought to be until I can be what I ought to be."

We are caught up in an inescapable network of mutuality. What effects one directly, effects all indirectly. We must eradicate the slave master mentality or capitalism without rights. It is unjust. We must believe there is something in the universe that evolves for justice. Martin Luther King Jr. called it "cosmic companionship."

The world is watching American history in the making, live and in living color. We've taken an important step in the right direction by electing Barack Obama as the President of the United States. America and the world will never be the same again. I believe our country will be transformed into that New Jerusalem John saw on the island of Patmos. A New America transformed from a land of hypocrisy, bigotry, discrimination and divisiveness to an oasis of unity, liberty and freedom. We will enjoy a new respect for the human personality and a divine love for humanity.

We have a great opportunity here in America. An opportunity to build a great nation. A nation where all people, men and women, black and white, Catholic and Protestant, Jew and gentile, Latin and Asian, Chinese and Japanese, live together as brothers and sisters, families and friends, with God at the center blessing us, guiding us to respect the dignity and worth of all human beings.

It's our time. America is on the move and there is nothing stopping her now. The change that we need is underway.

"Civil Rights is an eternal moral issue

which may well determine the destiny

of our civilization in the ideological

struggle with communism. We must

we must keep moving with wise restraint

and love and with proper discipline and


--Marin Luther King Jr.

America has the opportunity to lead the world with love, respect, tolerance and understanding--reducing hatred and minimizing wars.

Barack Obama can make a difference. Peace, freedom from war, a cessation or absence of hostilities between nations. Prevention is better than cure.

The peace established during and after war means: stopping of killing openly, the stopping of the arms, automatic weaponry, bombs, nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction. No more fighting each other, under the terms and conditions of the peace agreement.

But, we must remember, this doesn't end attitudinal hate. Hate of the adversary, who we have been taught and conditioned to loathe. The hurt, scars wounds and deaths of loved ones we've mentally and psychologically fed off of must be dealt with while we continue our personal battle against hate and any bigotry we've been taught to believe in. Our deliverance lies in the love you feel for this country and your relentless pursuit to reach the goal.

True freedom, is easier said than done; however we must keep the faith, believe in God, and ask him to free your mind and touch your heart.

And for those Americans, who just can't accept an African American as President of the United States, ask God to help you to pretend that Barack Obama is white!!!!