John's Court: Pulling a Juno

05/14/2008 03:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Talk to your daughter," was the greeting I got when I answered my cell phone the other day. Never a good sign from my wife, she said, "Here, she wants to know if she can see Juno" and promptly handed the phone to our nine-year old, Margaret, before I could protest.

"Dad, can I see Juno?," she half whined, half protested in advance of a possible negative decision. My brain locked. I had just seen Juno and walked out of the theater thinking about all the 15-year old girls out there who might now be convinced that having a baby is really all right. Mom and Dad will understand. The kids at school will all still really love me, even if they shun me for now. There's a sweet, young, childless couple across town who will take this little burden off my hands to fill their own lives with joy while I go on with my own.

"No, honey, you can't see Juno," I said.

"Why not?" came the expected retort.

"Because it's a big lie," I blurted through the phone static.

All set to think my opposition would be based on something that had to do with sex, she was caught off-guard and said, "Oh, OK. Bye, bye. Dad. Love you." Click.

Saved, but not for long.

If John McCain is elected president, he has promised to appoint judges who can live up to the standards of Justices Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas. During the McCain presidency, Margaret will grow to the ripe age of 18, already old for a young girl who might think pulling a Juno is cool because it was so cool in the movie. And if, during that time, she does become pregnant (no one is ever really at fault when it happens, just see the movie), her chances of having a choice about whether or not to have the baby will have already been decided by John's Court.

As the remaining moderate Supremes quickly start passing through the Pearly Gates, or just heaving sighs of resignations almost immediately after his swearing in, John's Court will fast become home to the Kenneth Starrs. Individual rights will become suborned for the good of conservative society at large and several generations in a row will have to suffer the reality of back-alley abortions.

Who knows, maybe Margaret will survive President McCain, but what about John's Court?