The 10 Greatest Athlete Initials Logos

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Only the elite-of-the-elite athletes have formed personal logos out of their initials. But what does a sports star's unique monogram say about him? Let's go to the pictures. All the logos here are authentic.

1. Roger Federer. When they ask Roger if he wants to sell a line of women's luxury handbags, he'll be ready.


2. Reggie Bush. See, it's RB. But, look again: it's also 25. And look one more time: the face of an old woman in a shawl. Now stop looking.


3. Tiger Woods. Elegant and classic, like something Frank Lloyd Wright would kill a man with. All of Tiger's cattle bear this brand.


4. Chad Ocho Cinco. This incredibly merges three letters into one symbol that actually copyrights itself.


5. Tom Brady. He's trying to spell TB and 12, I think. But that's a 13, right? Why not just buy a Tampa Bay hat?


6. LeBron James. Here we go again with the initials and the number. Coincidentally this also is the Chinese Kanji symbol for "Braylon Edwards punched my friend."


7. Manny Pacquiao. This is either a cool, medieval-dynasty-looking insignia, or a cartoon cat smoking a cigarette (squint hard).


8. Kobe Bryant. Wow, that's a pretty fancy new logo for Burger King.


9. Terrell Owens. There's something overtly feminine and masculine about this logo all at once. Like it could go mate with itself.


10. Andre Berto. You didn't even know who Andre Berto was. Now you do. That's Logo Marketing 101, baby.