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Your Child May Be Denied Health Care Coverage Unless You Can Get on The Today Show

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Anyone catch that outrageous story yesterday of the little
girl who was denied health care coverage because she was too skinny?!  Her parents were on The Today Show
stating that she was on “her growth curve," is a picky eater, had a bit of a
gag reflex problem that was being treated, and she was denied health coverage!

 Insane!  Like
the medical editor of the show, I too am always telling parents of picky
eaters, to look at their kid’s growth curve.  What is important is whether or not your child is staying on
THEIR growth curve.  In other
words, nine times out of ten, or perhaps even 99 out of a 100, there is little
need to worry.

Oops!  Spoke too
soon; now in fact, there is something new to worry about.  Your kid doesn’t eat and is too skinny,
their coverage gets denied.  With
all the job losses and COBRA plans running out, this is not an insignificant
concern.  Thankfully, this
particular insurance company got such a public spanking that we heard this
morning that in fact, they changed their minds and this kid got her coverage.

But what about all the families who can’t get on The Today

 Are we mad enough to the point where we are not going to
take it anymore?  Are enough people
getting affected that there will be enough pressure on the senators,
congressmen, whoever the hell is mucking up and standing in the way of health
care reform?

 Okay, I know I come from Canada and I am used to socialized
medicine, so my world view is different. 
I landed up with pneumonia when I moved here, because I couldn’t afford
to see a doctor as I had no health insurance.  An annoying cough landed me with full blown pneumonia;
diagnosed finally when my boss at the restaurant I was working in forced me to
see a doctor.  Payment out of
pocket.  No small potatoes for a
struggling, new in the city, dancer.

 You forget about all that craziness though, when you are
insured.  Or if you are young and
basically healthy, and you rarely have cause to see a doctor.  At the rate we are going though, unless
you fit into the highest point of the bell curve; that 50th
percentile, or your kids do, and you have no pre-existing condition, maybe and
just maybe you can get health care coverage.

There is little doubt that this system is whacked.

So parents, instead of pressuring your kids to eat more if
they are picky eaters, pressure your local politicians, write letters, do
anything you can to get some serious health care reform. 

 The insanity has gone too far.

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