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We Have Turned Into a Cult Disguised as a Democracy

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This country is not in good shape, an observation that will not come as a surprise to many, I know. And while it is easy, almost automatic in fact, to blame the leaders, we the people have a role, because we the people are the followers.

Normally, leading and following is a healthy exchange between people, collective and not. Or, at least, it can be. But if intentions are impure, people infuse their toxicity into the system and before you know it, a so-called democracy is functioning more like a cult.

Look at any "successful" cult leader and you will see that fear, control and manipulation are the only tools in his bag of tricks. Now look around. Sound familiar? Isn't that more the norm in leadership than the exception lately? Politics, medicine, religion, media and business, it's all the same. We're being brainwashed.

Why, in just one day, I read an article in The Washington Post where Michael Gerson said that, "Virtually all cervical cancer is caused by HPV." No back up. No support. No source. No discussion on who funds the studies and who profits from them. Just a blanket statement intended to frighten people into action without a clue of what's behind it.

Later, there was a commercial that stated 4 million people have hepatitis C but 3 million don't even know it. So, where then does that number come from? No idea.

Companies throw out test results "proving" the efficacy of their products, but fail to mention the size of the sample. What if it's only ten? Doesn't that matter?

Even something as small and insignificant as TV show ratings seem to be suffering from the same problem. Apparently several shows qualify as "TV's number one hit." Now, how is that possible?

It's endless, but only for as long as we relinquish our power to think for ourselves. We're asleep and if we don't wake up, we are a train wreck (or another Waco) waiting to happen.

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