08/02/2013 03:55 pm ET Updated Oct 02, 2013

The Waterfall Effect

Waterfalls are beautiful and peaceful, yet their presence is so powerful that they literally alter the shape of the landscape. Human waterfalls possess that same energy. Simply by being, we have the ability to change the environment in which we find ourselves.

Human waterfalls shape our landscape through the way they lead their lives. When someone is a waterfall for you, teaching and inspiring you by their example, by their presence, you become the waterfall for others, and so on...

The following characteristics of waterfalls reveal them as metaphors for the ways in which we relate to our own lives and to the lives of those we influence when they are touched by our spray.

Which type of waterfall can you be? Possibly all three...

1) The Peaceful Waterfall:

Just as a waterfall in nature may form across a fault, crack, or other disruption in the earth's surface, human waterfalls can be created in chaotic situations, at times that are difficult and challenging.

When others feel broken in spirit, the peaceful human waterfall overflows with unconditional love, reserving judgment and calmly smoothing the rocky edges by listening, understanding, and forgiving. Words may even be unnecessary, as their positive energy spills onto others effortlessly, changing the overall mood of the environment and of those in it. In this way, people who have been affected by this type of waterfall learn to react from a place of compassion.

The lasting effect the peaceful human waterfall leaves inspires us to choose that same way of being toward others.

2) The Unique Waterfall:

Waterfalls are unique and carve out paths, no two of which are the same -- no two paths in life are exactly the same, no two situations are exactly the same, and no two people are exactly the same.

Those who have gone before you, been your human waterfalls, have laid a path for you, helping you to be all that you are, eroding obstacles in your way. Some may have been huge waterfalls who have given way to many smaller ones. Or perhaps a smaller waterfall has profoundly touched just you, creating only one other waterfall directly.

Either way, the unique human waterfall inspires dreamers, original thinkers, inventors, visionaries, artists, writers, philosophers, and risk-takers -- viewed as crazy by some, and positively brilliant by others!

3) The Powerful Waterfall:

The force of nature can be powerful beyond measure, and the sheer intensity of water washing over the surface of the earth is a force to be reckoned with!

The powerful human waterfall exhibits such strength of character that it garners the trust and faith of others... These individuals are the great leaders of mankind.

Their beautiful, yet strong, words -- messages of hope, kindness, and confident determination -- cascade over those who listen, motivating them to pursue goals of serving others and taking the lead in making the world a more cooperative, safer, healthier environment in which to live and prosper.

In every situation, we are all given the chance to be an evolver -- a waterfall. In other words, one who helps to bring humanity into alignment with the new and the positive by ensuring that their own lives reflect that same energy.

So be the waterfall for others, always keeping in mind that your influence in the world can be beautiful, powerful, and life-changing, because when your spray reaches another, you give them the capability to shape shift and become a waterfall, too.

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