07/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Recession Proofing Your Soul: Some Prayers

Holy Spirt, I pray for an overflowing gratitude that becomes a generosity of living, even in stingy and tight times. Amen.

I am tired of hearing the word recession and so are most of the people I know. We live now with an uninvited less. We are pawns in someone else's game. I pray today for enough calm about what is gone that I can face its loss. I pray for time to think through the clouds to the possible silver linings. I pray to not get scared, for others or myself. I pray for a generosity of spirit that does not recede. Amen.

Invite me, O God, to new things, new ways, new markets, new credits, new days, new forms of exchange. Let me spend just the right amount of time in mourning so that I can get on with the new day. Let me think about growing up as much as bottoming down. Amen.

If I become unemployed, let me find a way to enjoy it. In the afternoon, I'll go to the beach, just like I thought I might when retired or on vacation. In the morning, I'll look for a job. I'll enter the difficulty with hope. In the evening, I'll relax and not bring work home with me. I'll ward off depression and recession of my spirit by a silver lining sleuth to find out what is good about this unoccupied time. I will not call myself by names, like unemployed or "in transition." I'll use my name. Thank you God for spiritual freedom. Amen.

Every day has an adventure, deep within its cells. Some are early cancer; others are cancer's tamers. Some moments contain opportunities that only come once and can lead to joy; others are just plain mistakes, mistakes we seem to have to make. Teach me the difference, O God, someday soon. Remind me never to waste a catastrophe, as so often it is the birth of something new. Teach me once again how close Good Friday is to Easter morning. Amen
Whenever we see a corner, or are cornered, or hope we have turned a corner, make not fun of our hopes for a future. Instead humor us and if you are sick of that understand us. We thank you in advance. Amen

When the check comes from the restaurant tonight, O God, let me pray that the farmer and the waiter will eat as well as I have. Make sure I answered no when asked, "Are you still working on that?" I was never working on it. And barring a granting of these hopes, help me to understand the meaning of the word "tip." Amen

Remind me to mean it when I say "others are worse off than I." Change the language of hate against immigranst to one of love and appreciation. Don't let be too jealous of people who are not as Amateur as I at being poor. Let me know something like empathy. Amen.

If I have money and security, make sure I am giving it away. Amen.