06/07/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Price for Being on Fox News

Last week I was invited to join Sean Hannity again on his primetime show on Fox News. His viewers loved it, sending me several warm and fuzzy emails shortly after advocating for President Obama and change that at least some of us believe in...

I saw you on Hannity & I understand that supporting the pond scum democratic principles that are ruining America would make you come across as a weasel. - Alan in Texas

Guess what you arrogant jackass. First of all most the American population did not vote at all [in November's election]. A large number of them because they are just fed up with the whole government. Secondly I remember millions and millions of people who voted for John McCain. So if we are going to go by logical reasoning ,which you as a jackass are not capable of, most of the people in this country did not vote for Obama .. I bet you spent at least a week looking at yourself in a mirror and loving yourself before you appeared on Sean Hannity's show. - Rich in Nevada

Not an ENTIRE week, Rich.

As good journalistic standards require, I was outnumbered three conservative malcontents to one progressive me. But imbalance is to be expected on Fox when you're a Democrat.

One email writer wanted to know why Democrats "are comfortable in placing future of healthcare, finance, energy, i.e. future of the country, in hands of federal government. Also interested in learning of one federal government department that you can cite as shining example of success & efficiency."

OK ... I shouldn't have ... but I did ... these anti-American government tirades just seem so, well, unpatriotic and terroristic ... I wrote back ...

Would you be nervous if I described to you an organization owned and controlled by the Obama White House with millions of members who must dress alike, are forced to wake up and go to sleep when the government tells them to, provides the only retail and grocery stores in the neighborhood, owns all the housing, offers only government-run health care, has every right to limit the speech of every community member, and has secrets and black budgets to which the public has no access?

Sounds pretty awful, huh? Even socialist. Certainly nationalized.

Well, that's our military -- the most advanced and powerful force in world history. We've won a lot of wars with such a government-run socialist institution.

Would you prefer a privately-held army, navy, air force, and marine corps? Perhaps run by Chrysler or Enron or Lehman Brothers?

I should have quit there, but ...

Let's keep going. Every highway and every road in this nation is paved by the government. The alternative is the dirt roads my grandfather traveled as a boy in South Carolina or privately owned toll roads with somebody's booth every few miles. Is such a transportation model preferred over the Dwight D. Eisenhower Interstate Highway System?

Our national government sent the first man to the moon, subsidized delivery of electricity & phone service to 99.9% of rural America, invented the Internet, forced white Southerners to let black Southerners do something as radical as vote, and funded the transcontinental railroad while simultaneously fighting the Civil War.

And even now, let's not forget the last two weeks and the fact that there is no other institution that could handle the swine flu pandemic. Only one person died in the U.S. Just think what happens when the government is NOT around to handle such things ... Hurricane Katrina comes to mind.

I'm looking forward to the next time.

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