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Dorian de Wind
Dorian de Wind is a rtired U.S. Air Force officer and a former aerospace/defense executive. Dorian contributes opinion, travel and human interest articles to several newspapers and blogs.

A native of Ecuador, Dorian was educated in The Netherlands and in the U.S. (Texas A&M, University, Math/Physics, Summa Cum Laude; Univ. of Southern Mississippi, MS Telecommunications; doctoral work in Computer Science at the University of Oklahoma). His proudest awards and achievements are the Freedoms Foundation George Washington Honor Medal and having been responsible for the reception, welfare and resettlement of over 400 South Vietnamese refugees at the end of the Vietnam War. He has resided and worked extensively abroad and now lives in the USA.

Entries by Dorian de Wind

Looking Back Longingly

(0) Comments | Posted November 19, 2015 | 1:37 PM


Almost exactly five years ago to the day, I concluded a column as follows:

The character of a nation is reflected in the faces of these volunteers. Some have flowers in their hands, some have tears in their eyes,...
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Just in Time for Veterans Day: 'Operation Gown Giveaway'

(1) Comments | Posted November 6, 2015 | 10:16 AM


When I married my beautiful young bride in England many years ago, I was only a "three-striper" in the U.S. Air Force and my bride-to-be and I could have used some help with the costs of the wedding, especially with the...

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HeartGift Recognized for Children Life-Saving Work

(0) Comments | Posted November 4, 2015 | 10:02 AM


It is always gratifying when an organization that does good things for others is appropriately recognized.

It is even nicer when the "others" who are at the receiving end of those "good things" are the most innocent and vulnerable among us: children, worldwide,...

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Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta: An Honor Too Far?

(19) Comments | Posted November 2, 2015 | 8:05 AM


Marine Corps Sergeant Rafael Peralta.

That name should sound familiar because numerous stories have been written, including at least half-a-dozen by this author, about this Marine's heroism.

My first story about this Marine appeared in May 2009 under the title "Stolen Valor...

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Benghazi and the Congressman from Maryland

(0) Comments | Posted October 27, 2015 | 4:21 PM


Long before the Benghazi tragedy and long before Republicans seized on the tragedy as a means to bring down Hillary Clinton -- to make her numbers drop -- a U.S. Congressman wrote at the Huffington Post under the title "Enough...

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'The French American' - He Flew 35 Missions for Honor, Then the Last One for Love

(0) Comments | Posted October 19, 2015 | 10:49 PM


When I visit World War II veteran and dear friend John Tschirhart at his assisted living community in Austin, Texas, the one thing he invariably asks me is if I have heard from Darla Rae recently. Rae is a Denver, Colorado,...

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Want to Hear Trump's Secret Plan to Defeat ISIL?

(4) Comments | Posted October 2, 2015 | 3:44 PM

Back in May, when a run for the 2016 presidential nomination was still a twinkle in Donald Trump's eye, he already had a beautiful but secret plan to "bring ISIS to the table or, beyond that, defeat ISIS very quickly."

When asked by a doting Greta Van Susteren at...

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Want to Learn a Foreign Language?

(7) Comments | Posted October 2, 2015 | 10:08 AM

Want to learn a foreign language?


But before selecting which language you would like to invest your time, effort and perhaps your money in and -- unless you have a specific reason for wanting to learn, say Saramaccan* or Papiamento** -- you may want to ask yourself, "For what...

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Finally a National World War I Memorial

(4) Comments | Posted August 26, 2015 | 4:04 PM


Our nation's capital is blessed with an abundance of splendid parks, statuary, monuments and memorials.

But, as pointed out by the World War One Centennial Commission (the Commission), most of them honor "generals, presidents, statesmen and other...

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Ghosts that Haunt Children of Latino Immigrants

(0) Comments | Posted August 20, 2015 | 11:41 AM

When I was a small boy living in Latin America, I was scared of "duendes y fantasmas" -- goblins and ghosts.

Fortunately, they appeared only in dreams and eventually faded away.

Over at The New York Times, Héctor Tobar writes that different monsters and ghosts haunt the dreams of...

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Where in the World Is the Berlin Wall Now?

(1) Comments | Posted August 18, 2015 | 1:52 PM


Thursday, August 13, a very special segment of the Berlin Wall was unveiled at the U.S. Diplomacy Center in Washington, D.C. (above), presently under construction.

It is one of approximately 54,000, 2.6 ton reinforced concrete slabs, each measuring over 10 feet high...

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The Real Scary Thing About a Trump Presidency

(7) Comments | Posted August 10, 2015 | 12:07 PM

There are many things that should make Americans wary if not outright scared about a potential Trump presidency.

It is not necessarily his narcissism and pompousness. Sadly, there have been and there are too many self-absorbed, arrogant politicians -- one or two may even come close to Trump in this...

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A Big Thank You from Little Luxembourg

(1) Comments | Posted August 5, 2015 | 3:41 PM

...and if you need an old man to clean your shoes and toilets where[ever] you are in the world to keep the freedom, I will be ready tomorrow morning to do that...

These are the words spoken by a 78-year-old gentleman...

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President Trump's 750th Press Conference

(0) Comments | Posted July 29, 2015 | 1:47 PM

President Trump, surrounded by his entire cabinet, held his 750th daily press conference today. The following is a rough, annotated, somewhat edited, extremely cleaned-up transcript.

FOX NEWS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT #1: Mr. President, do you have any regrets about the drone strike that wiped out the vacation cabin of the...

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Silly Musings on an Even Sillier Presidential Election Spectacle

(0) Comments | Posted July 6, 2015 | 9:25 PM

As we enter the 2016 presidential election silly season, what was once the GOP presidential candidates "Clown Car" has now grown into an oversized, overladen, over ripe "Clown Bus" packed with characters trying to attract the voters' attention by competing to see who can offend the most people the most...

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Obergefell v. Hodges: The 'Silent Judge' Respectfully Dissents

(0) Comments | Posted June 28, 2015 | 4:29 PM

Much has already been said and written about what some call Supreme Court Justice Scalia's "unhinged" eight-page dissent on the recent Supreme Court decision on marriage equality.

Although not as colorful as his "jiggery-pokery" dissent on the "SCOTUScare" ruling, Scalia's dissent on same-sex marriage does offer some interesting...

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Memorial Day 2015: Honor to the Fallen -- Godspeed to Our Newest Soldiers

(2) Comments | Posted May 25, 2015 | 4:00 PM


Memorial Day is a day of remembrance, a day to remember and honor the hundreds of thousands American men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

This author, and thousands of others, have written messages past Memorial Days, expressing...

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Jeb Bush's But 'He's My Brother' Act Goes Awry

(0) Comments | Posted May 14, 2015 | 3:43 PM

It has now been two days since Fox News aired the clip where GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush shamelessly tries to make Hillary Clinton share his own idiocy and stupidity -- conservative radio host Laura Ingraham's characterization, which I will reluctantly accept -- and we have not heard from...

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Best Seat in the House for V-E Anniversary Flyover

(0) Comments | Posted May 11, 2015 | 12:17 PM


Friday, May 8, marks the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe (V-E) Day.

May 8, 1945, was the day the Allies of World War II formally accepted Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender of its armed forces.

It marked the end of a long, horrible...

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'Operation Shower': Easy to Admire, Hard to Forget

(0) Comments | Posted May 4, 2015 | 6:43 PM


Most of us still remember Operation "Just Cause," the December 1989 invasion of Panama ordered by President George H. W. Bush.

Of course we remember Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom and we know the...

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