BP CEO Hayward Sets Sights on a New Goal: Most Hated Man in the World (VIDEO)

06/22/2010 03:28 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

There are only so many ways for a man to say, "I'm sorry I killed your ocean."

Taking a week off to go yachting is not one of them.

I get that it's not fun being in the limelight when all you can say is, "I can't answer that" or "Please don't throw any more of those, my clothes smell enough as it is."

But if he needed to decompress, why did he pick a very public yacht race ... using the very same ocean on which he'd turned loose the Oxygen-Destroyer?

Why not spend time with his family, refusing to answer the door for deliveries and yelling at the kids to keep away from the windows?

No, I think this must all be part of some grand, if masochistic, plan to take the heat off British Petroleum by turning its soon-to-be-ex-CEO into the Most Hated Man in the World.

And I've got a dozen ideas to give him a good start.