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Doug Schoen

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The Independent Payment Advisory Board Could Be Obama's Achilles' Heel

(54) Comments | Posted July 26, 2011 | 11:48 AM

As President Obama continues to push for an ambitious deficit-reduction deal in advance of the August 2nd deadline for raising the debt limit, one thing is clear: Medicare reform will be a critical part of any budget agreement -- now and in the future.

And while essential to curbing our...

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Democrats' Part D Opportunity

(8) Comments | Posted July 21, 2011 | 6:10 PM

Quite rightly, the Democratic Party has long been considered the party of Medicare. The giant health coverage program for the elderly and disabled was created by a Democratic president and initially passed by a largely Democratic Congress over stiff opposition from Republicans. When Republicans proposed gutting Medicare -- first in...

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No Pushing New Yorkers Around, Walmart Welcome in Big Apple

(6) Comments | Posted March 22, 2011 | 11:02 AM

In response to Al Norman's post entitled "Walmart: Unions Love Us," I would like to respond with the following.

Very simply, Walmart has commissioned numerous polls in New York City, all of which have shown approximately the same thing: overwhelming support for Walmart in all sections and all...

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An Unspoken National Crisis

(4) Comments | Posted October 12, 2010 | 5:46 PM

There is a huge national crisis that America is currently facing that has gotten very little recognition or attention.

That crisis is black teenage unemployment.

Put simply, we are facing something approaching a national emergency that goes well beyond the current unemployment rate in the recession or the more...

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An Innovation Election

(3) Comments | Posted October 7, 2010 | 11:32 AM

With Rasmussen Reports data released last week that shows that voters think that the economy and health care are the two most important issues facing the country -- 86% say the economy and 76% say health care -- it is clear that these issues will play a large role in...

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America Left Behind

(0) Comments | Posted August 10, 2010 | 11:36 AM

Last month saw a major debate over the passing of the war funding bill. Buried within that debate was another, far reaching debate on domestic education funding to avert teacher layoffs that was eventually stripped from the bill. In light of this development, it is important that Americans remember that...

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Our Last Chance to Get Health Reform Right

(0) Comments | Posted March 8, 2010 | 10:36 AM

As the nation watches Congress and the administration engage in a final back and forth on health reform legislation, it is worthwhile to imagine what might still be if Democrats and Republicans chose -- for this historic moment -- to set aside political opportunism and put the interests of the...

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Obama: the Natural Born Leader

(14) Comments | Posted July 10, 2009 | 3:19 PM

As the representative of General Motors' new majority owner -- the U.S. government -- and the chief officer of the major banks in the US, President Barack Obama has become a de facto chairman of sorts and can now add 'Captain of Industry' 'to his resume. Although Obama was not...

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Private-Sector Partnerships Bode Well for Health Reform

(14) Comments | Posted July 9, 2009 | 4:56 PM

Yesterday's announcement that America's hospitals will contribute $155 billion to the health care reform effort is yet another sign that meaningful health care reform is within our grasp.

The money will come from cuts in government programs, making the hospital industry, after the pharmaceutical sector, the second private health...

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Pharmaceutical Industry's Deal Is a Reform-Enhancing Drug

(6) Comments | Posted July 7, 2009 | 4:33 PM

In late June, the drug industry pledged to reduce costs by $80 billion over the next ten years to help lawmakers fund comprehensive health care reform.

Seniors are applauding the move, as much of the money will help plug Medicare's infamous "doughnut hole" -- the gap in drug coverage that...

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Why Wal-Mart's Health Care Letter Matters

(1) Comments | Posted July 1, 2009 | 3:43 PM

When the nation's largest private employer joins with a leading labor union and a Democratic think tank to advocate that employers provide health insurance for workers, it's worth stepping back and handicapping what this means for the larger debate.

Making waves in health care is hardly new terrain for Wal-Mart....

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Bringing Seniors to the Health Care Table

(5) Comments | Posted June 22, 2009 | 3:28 PM

Rarely in Washington do you come across a moment of unequivocal bipartisan alignment, especially on an issue as polarizing as health-care reform. Today was one of them.

A few hours ago, President Obama joined with Barry Rand, head of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), and Senators Baucus (D-Mont.)...

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Newspapers Still Viable

(4) Comments | Posted December 19, 2008 | 11:31 AM

Recent headlines about the newspaper industry have gone from bad to worse, as one paper after another faces financial troubles. This week, newspapers in Detroit announced that they will be cutting home deliveries back to only three times a week. The Tribune Company filed for bankruptcy just last week, and...

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Why Obama Needs to Emphasize Innovation

(14) Comments | Posted October 23, 2008 | 3:37 PM

The financial crisis has left voters desperate for political leaders that will eschew traditional party divides and advocate policies that actually solve their problems. Barack Obama has styled himself as just such a leader. His rhetoric has inspired millions. But to build on his current lead in the polls, Obama...
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Putting Policy over Politics

(4) Comments | Posted September 30, 2008 | 6:30 PM

Congress' failure to pass the $700 billion rescue plan will likely go down in history as a moment of destructive partisanship during a time when unity and cooperation were most needed.

Last week's deliberations over the bailout package suggested that congressional leaders would be able to put ideological...

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The John McCain Imperative

(89) Comments | Posted May 22, 2008 | 3:21 PM

Who John McCain picks as his vice presidential nominee is more important to the future of the Republican Party, and indeed the country, than it might otherwise initially seem.

Speculation of McCain's possible choices has grown with the news that prominent Republicans Mitt Romney, Charlie Crist and Bobby Jindal...

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The New York Times is Wrong

(291) Comments | Posted April 24, 2008 | 3:52 PM

Yesterday morning, the New York Times wrote an editorial widely decrying tactics used in the recently completed Pennsylvania primary. The article specifically focused on Hillary Clinton and her use of negative campaign tactics to undermine Senator Barack Obama in the waning days of that state's contest. The Times criticized...

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After Petraeus, Conciliation: The Report Must Not Derail a Moderate Democratic Strategy

(125) Comments | Posted September 14, 2007 | 4:43 PM

On the heels of General Petraeus' report, there is no doubt a temptation in the Democratic camp to dismiss the more unsavory findings as the work of a political lackey. The general did not recommend a substantive timetable for withdrawal, much to the ire, though not surprise, of the Left....

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Why Democrats Should Fund the War

(193) Comments | Posted April 11, 2007 | 3:28 PM

A Veteran of the Government Shutdown in 2005 Reflects on the Current Battle Over Funding the Iraq War

Democrats will be making a profound mistake if they follow through on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's insistence that the party will refuse to provide any funding for the war in Iraq,...

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